Unavailability of Menu Items: Complaint Letter to Restaurant

If you find unavailability of menu items in a restaurant and you want to write a complaint letter on it to the manager, then you must strictly write about the issue.

If you do not get an idea or do not know how to fare this letter on this case, then you can take help from the articles given below. We have provided some professional letters on this case which will guide you to write your own letter.

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[xxx restaurant]

Respected Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I visited your restaurant on the date [] and I am writing this letter highlight some issues faced by me during my visit to your restaurant. I stay almost ten miles away from your restaurant and I am a regular visitor to your place. I like your food preparation techniques.

That day was a quite special one for me and my spouse as we were celebrating our first anniversary and we chose to visit your place. I had booked a prior appointment to avoid any last moment hustles.

When we entered the restaurant, the reception was welcoming as always. We were also offered welcome drinks and this made my day. The real issue started when we looked into the menu to order some of our favorite delicacies. I had planned to order a special starter which is the favorite dish of my partner. 

To my disappointment, when I wanted to place the order regarding that item, he informed me that it is not available due to some technical issue. I did not think much and looked to order another favorite dish yet that was also not available. This issue was repeated for three of my favorite dishes and this really made me somewhat frustrated and ruined my special occasion.

I am a bit skeptical to visit your restaurant once again. It would be great if you could look into this matter so that you don’t dissatisfy your loyal customers. 

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

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