Not Received Increment in Time : Complaint Letter

You must write a complaint letter to your boss or the head of the department if you do not get your increment in time. In the letter, you can ask for the reasons behind it. You must also include the steps that you will take if you do not get your increment in time.

We have provided examples on this particular topic. You can use these formats to write in a complaint letter for not receiving increment on time.

Template: 1

Respected Sir/madam,

This letter is regarding the benefits that I have not received despite my timely promotion. I joined your company last year and was on probation period for six months. During these nine months, I worked with complete dedication and honesty.

My manager is quite impressed with my efforts and I have also received the highest rating in my appraisal. As per company policy, I was scheduled for confirmation in position and a pay raise after completion of one year.

Last month, I completed one year in the company. As per rules and my performance, my candidature was confirmed and I am no longer on a probation period. I have been promoted from the position of trainee to assistant manager. 

As per the formalities of the HR department, it takes barely two-three days to confirm and reflect in my payslip. I was expecting the pay rise to be reflected in this month’s payslip but unfortunately, that is not the case. When I placed a complaint request with the HR department, they dismissed my plea informing me that I will not get the raise now but after one year.

As far as my knowledge is concerned it was scheduled to be received this month. This unexpected situation has discouraged me to work with complete dedication. My manager also could not help much.

I would request you to investigate further on this matter and give me a justified solution to my problem. Awaiting your prompt action.

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

not received increment in time

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