A Complaint Letter about Poor Mobile Network.

The Manager

Customer Care

(Name of Operator Company)


City, state, zip code

Sub: Complaint about Poor Network Reception.

Dear Sir/madam,

I have been a satisfied customer with (Name of Operator Company) for a long time. My mobile number is (your Mobile No.) But I regret to inform you that nowadays I am having difficulty in conversations due to poor network reception. The handset’s network indicator shows full signal, but I cannot make a clear phone call. This unwanted obstruction is posing lots of inconvenience for me. When I first learned of this problem, I have already made a complaint, but no one took any action upon it. I have made several calls on your number, but no one answered my calls.

I expect a quick response as satisfying your customers should be your priority. This is not a professional way to run a business. You need a proper customer service department. I always pay my dues within time, and still, I have to face such issues. In this situation, I would request you to take necessary actions to resolve this problem as early as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you as quickly as possible to fix this problem. If I do not hear from you within ____ days, I will file complaints with the appropriate consumer agencies and consider my legal alternatives. I am enclosing copies of my receipt. You can contact me at the above address and phone number.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]

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