Wrong Item Received Complaint Letter to Online Store

We choose to buy stuff from online stores due to a multitude of reasons. Shopping from e-commerce websites is convenient, hassle-free, and comes with the facility of easy returns and replacements. However, it comes with certain risks.

We do not get to physically check the item we are buying. If you have received a wrong product form an online store you must raise a complaint with the customer care team of the said website immediately. For such letters follow our website.

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Ref: Order no. [xxxx] of [date]

Dear Manager

I’m writing in regard to a problem concerning order no. 2134. I have ordered a ___ before seven days ago. The order stated that delivery will be done within seven days. When my parcel arrived today morning, I was very happy. But unfortunately, it was the wrong product.

When I opened it, I found an __. I am not interested in this product, therefore, I will send it back to you. I was shocked to find that the product delivered was not what I had originally ordered.

It sounds much more troublesome to me. My online classes are going to start after four days and I need to download the software also.

So, it will take time one day. So, I have just three days left for bringing the laptop. I don’t want a refund. Therefore, I request you to send me the correct product within the stated time. 

I would like to make arrangements to return the item for a replacement. Of course, I do not expect to be responsible for paying the return shipping costs or any other cost.

Please advise me on how you wish to handle the return of the goods, the courier, and the collection date. I have attached herewith the invoice which has been sent to me during the time of ordering. I have also attached photos of the delivered product.  Please go through that and replace the product as soon as possible.

 I thank you for your prompt attention to this matter and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


(your name)

wrong item received complaint letter to online store

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