Complaint Letter to municipal authority for unavailability of a regular trash can cleaning service


[Designation of addressee]

[Name of the organization]


Respected Sir,

I am [Name of customer] and a resident of [name of place] which comes under your municipal jurisdiction. I am writing this letter to bring into your kind notice about the irregular trash can cleaning operations in the locality which has been a headache for all the residents of the city since a month. I would like to inform that before a month, the cleaning operations were praiseworthy and since one month there has been a drastic decline in the services. The sanitary conditions in the street is miserable and there are hacks of garbage lying everywhere. It is causing the pollution levels to increase and is creating mosquito hubs which are attracting the malaria and cholera parasites. 

The condition is degrading day by day and it is impossible to live in such dreadful conditions. The rotten waste and other wastes are scattered everywhere as the garbage cans are overflowing. Initially we formed a group and cleaned the locality but with increasing garbage, it is becoming difficult to handle the situation. I had raised a complaint with the local supervising authority regarding this but he did not take any appropriate action in this regard.

This is my humble request to kindly help to clean the garbage cans on urgent basis. Kindly assign some cleaning personnel to complete this action on priority. It will help us a lot.

Yours truly,

[Name of Sender]

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