Mobile Billing Period Complaint Letter Template

Here already we have covered different complaint letters on various topics. In the below sample letters now we have covered the topic of complaint letters for mistakes in mobile billing. It’s important to express all points very clear so that your problem will be solved by the provider quickly.

Here we have mentioned all points with a proper format which you must have to follow while writing your letter. Let’s follow our sample letters and complete your letter quickly.

Template: 1

Your Name


City, state, zip-code

[Name of Mobile Company]Address 

City, state, zip code

Subject: Complaint about Mistake in the billing period.

Dear Sir/madam,

I’ve just received your invoice No XXXX (dated) for the half-yearly concerning my telephone No. XXXXXXX is inappropriate.

In this bill there are errors, which I wish to bring to your knowledge for rectification. First coming to the period of the bill, it is calculated for six months from [dd/mm/yr] to [dd/mm/yr] but I have already paid three months of it from [dd/mm/yr] ] to [dd/mm/yr] and only have to pay from [dd/mm/yr] to [dd/mm/yr].

Firstly I want to bring to your notice that All eighty phone calls are shown in the statement, out of which twenty-eight are of the previous three months and remaining comes to the current three months period. Secondly, I have been charged for two incorrect ISD calls.

I am sure that, there is some error with your accounting or there is usually some mix-up someplace. I request you to kindly look into the matter and get the telephone bill corrected. Normally, I shall be obliged when you can produce the details regarding all the local calls along with the ISD calls made.

Now I am sending back the telephone bill for the ready reference and essential correction. The payment for these current three months will be made the moment a rectified bill is provided for me.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Your Name

Contact no

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