A Complaint Letter to Landlord about Neighbors


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Subject: Complaint about Neighbours

Dear Sir/Madam,

This letter is to let you know about my grievance against my neighbour residing at (address of neighbour).

Since last two weeks, my neighbor has been holding late and loud parties, which are very disturbing to myself and our other neighbors. There is a lot of pounding, loud music that goes on through the night and well into the morning. As you know, many of our neighbors and I school going children and early morning jobs, so such events have affected our lives significantly. And also, there is a problem that [mention the problem]. These problems remain unresolved despite several reminders. The mentioned neighbour and his family rudely to [name of family member] today when she addressed this issue and said that they had the right to use common facilities in the manner they wished to since they are paying rent for their flat. Such an atmosphere is not healthy.

We hope that you look into this situation and that you resolve this matter on behalf of us in the building as soon as possible.


[Your Name]

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