A Complaint Letter for Harassment in Mall

The purpose of the security guard should be  to protect the people in the mall and to help them when needed. But some of them often show their impolite and offensive behaviour to the visitors which may tend to a bad stature for the mall.


The Manager,

Name of  mall


I am writing this letter to inform you about the misconduct of one of your security guards. 

Unfortunately, when we visited the mall on (Mention Date and Time), I would like to draw your attention to the fact that your security guard did not treat me and my family with respect. At the security checkpoint (at the entrance) he would not let me in because my [5] years old son would not be allowed inside the mall with his water bottle and some edibles! 

It made us so angry and uncomfortable at the same time. Our shopping mood was totally spoiled. We came back from the entrance and went to another (name of the mall) mall where no such security measures were taken. I plan to take legal action against your mall if you do not provide a written explanation for the misconduct shown to us. We felt so much pain and humiliation for no reason.

We visit your mall a lot, it is one of the best malls around town, make sure security guards help visitors to get the best reputation. Check out my complaint and take action against him as soon as possible. Looking forward to your word.

Thanking you

 Kind Regards,

(sender name)

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