A complaint letter from teacher to parents for being violent towards friends and using abusive language.

Dear Parents,

With a heavy heart I regret to inform you that your (name of student) is a student of (mention class) in our school and it has been an awful situation to inform you that (he) being violent towards friends and using abusive languages. He is getting into fight in class with others. While fighting he is using abusive and bad languages. Complains are coming from other student’s family members. All the teachers are getting irritated with (his) behavior. This type of behavior is ruining the school’s environment. Since (he) is a good student so we are getting worried with his activities and informing you.

We all the teachers have told (him) several times and warned (him) not to do those and told that (he) should get punishment for this but (he) is not giving any importance to this and (he) is showing a don’t care attitude so we have thought to inform you because being a guardian you people can handle this situation more effectively. Even after this also if your (son) doesn’t recover, we will be forced to take another action. 

I am requesting you to pay attention on this matter and cooperate with us. I hope you will understand what I am saying and you people will take proper care on this matter and wish for (his) bright future.

Thanking you

(Teacher’s Name)

(School’s Name)

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