A Complaint Letter for Wrong details printed in cheque book.

Respected Sir,

I am a savings bank account holder at your branch _______ since five years. Last month I had applied for the issue of a new cheque book and got the product within the stipulated time period. Yet I am unable to use the cheque book for my business and personal work because the details printed in its main page has misprinted details in it. My surname has been replaced  with another unrelated word. The original address detail which belongs to me and which is present in your bank directory is being replaced by some random address.

I was very disappointed by this reckless behaviour from your end. The cheque book has become unusable and doesn’t serve my purpose right now. Regarding this issue, I raised a complaint in your web service portal, yet it’s been four days, I haven’t got any response.

I am surprised how this mistake can be committed as I am a loyal customer in your bank since a long time and I never changed my details since the opening of account. I had issued many cheque books in the past and the service was flawless. This behaviour is not acceptable from your end. You are known for your excellent customer service and this is not the way to treat your customers.  

I would like you to look into this matter at priority and rectify the mistakes done. Please reissue the cheque book at the earliest. Thanks in advance.

Yours  faithfully,

[Name of Sender]

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