A Complaint Letter for improper salary details provided

Respected Sir/madam,

I work in the business development team of your company at location ________. This letter has been addressed to you to enquire about the mismatch between salary received and salary mentioned in the payslip. I received the payment yesterday evening and since then I have enquired with my bank regarding the difference in amount in the account and payslip. As per my designation and previous allotments, I am entitled for a package of _____ and take home salary of _________. This was same revised in my promotion letter. Since last month, I used to receive the proper amount but this month, to my dismay, my salary slip displays an amount lower than what I got and there is also a mismatch in the breakdown structure in the salary slip.

I am unable to understand the change in the salary breakdown and variable pay amount that is mentioned in the payslip. This error may lead to some issues in tax calculation in future. I also did not receive any intimation regarding the matter from HR department in my employee portal. This miscalculation is very discouraging. I tried to log a request in the complaints portal but I did not find any suitable options to address it.

Therefore I would request you to look into this discrepancy and help me understand. Moreover if an error is made, please ensure the same is not repeated in the next month. Look forward to your assistance.

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

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