Improper Product Listing Complaint Letter Template

Have you received a faulty checkbook? Do the details printed in your cheque book differ from those provided by you? File a complaint to your bank mentioning the said issue. Do mention the correct details that should have been printed on the cheque book and request them to rectify the same at their end.

We shall provide all the necessary guidance that you shall require for a string such a complaint letter. Please do through three many templates below written by your expected writers to in order you write the perfect letter 

Template: 1



(Customer Care Manager)


I would like to inform you that I ordered a (name of item) from you site and I have just received the parcel today itself and after trying it I am very much disappointed with the size. I have ordered it after checking the size chart only and have ordered it in (mention details) and (mention details) is written on the barcode also but when I measure, it is not in the same size. 

I think there is a mistake in your product listing else it would not have happened on your part. I think you should fix it soon so that people will not have difficulty in understanding. I know that the sellers are responsible for complying with all laws and policies when listing products but it is your responsibility too.

Please take appropriate action against the responsible seller and please specify the wrong listing what you think in the content. Please discuss this with your listing department and resolve it as early as possible. Proper listing is very important in online shopping.

Since the products are not in front of our eyes and we are not able to take these in our hand before buying and not able to try these so proper listing is the main thing for all online shopping portals. 

I hope such problems will not happen in the future and we can shop in a smart way again. Please take action on it.

Thanking You


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