Delay in Lectures Complaint Letter Template

Here our content is to help you in the situation when you have to write some letters, speeches, etc. We have covered various topics in our content. Now we are going to cover some sample complaint letters for delays in lectures.

Here it’s important to choose some important points and also some relevant words to express your message. Now if you have faced any difficulties while writing your letter you can easily take help from our below letters to complete your letter.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention designation of addressee]

[Mention authority name]

[Address of the authority]

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am honored that I got admission to your esteemed university in [department name] department beholding registration number [mention it].  I am not writing this letter to get any unnecessary benefits and this letter was not written in anyone’s wish. I am solely responsible for this letter.

Now coming to the main point. Mr. [mention name] is my professor who teaches us [mention subject name]. But I have been noticing for two months that he attends the class just for 20 to 25 minutes.

While the actual time for the class is 1 hour, from [mention start time] to [mention end time]. He always comes late into the class in fact knowing the fact that this subject is too vital for us. As it is one of the mainstream subjects then how can he neglect it like that? 

Some of the students raised voices against it but they did not have the courage to complain about him as he considered himself an influential individual. In spite of this, I told him personally about the issue but he denied the fact. On top of that, he told me we deserved only that much. 

The very next day after that in his class he insulted me in front of everyone without any good reason which was very ignominious for me. 

I hope you get my problem and kindly do the needful. 

 Thanking you, 

Yours Sincerely,

[Sender Name]

delay in lectures complaint letter

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