Admission Process Complaint Letter Template

It’s better for the students and their parents if the admission process of any course is quite simple if it’s become complicated then both the students and parents are facing some problems.

In this situation to make the admission process better, you must have to write a complaint letter to the authority. Now here it’s crucial to mention your points in a clear and brief way. For your help here we have already enlisted some sample letters regarding this topic.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention designation of addressee]

[Mention authority name]

[Address of the authority]

Respected [recipient’s name], 

I would like to highlight the fact that your university has an excessively complicated procedure for admission. I want to apply for the [mention stream name] program. But I have found a lot of prerequisites are there for that particular degree. I emailed earlier asking about the prerequisite course over there. Unfortunately, I did not get any answer. 

Moreover, there are lots of formalities. I think some of them are not required to get admission to a prestigious university like yours.

They are asking for [mention details]. I have already sent my official transcript but the admission processing team is now demanding a transcript evaluation by [mention specific transcript evaluator]. They would not accept any other transcript evaluator other than [mention name].

Although they did not mention it before that they need a transcript evaluation. University must inform me about it as it needs an ample amount of money. 

It was mentioned on the university site that they need a GRE score of 290 but now they have emailed me to take the [mention test name and details asked by university]. 

These sudden changes forged me disappointed and made the admission process complicated at the same time. University has a lot of to-do lists so far while applying but the addition of these above-mentioned factors made the application process complicated undoubtedly. 

Kindly do the needful.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely, 

[Sender Name]

admission process complaint letter

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