A Complaint Letter to Electricity Company for Unavailability of Power


The manager

[Name of Electricity Company]


Respected sir

I, on behalf of the inhabitants of [location], beg to draw your kind attention to the following fact.

Our area, a highly populated one, is at present suffering from unavailability of power from two weeks. There are many school and college students in our area. The students are unable to study in the evening without proper light facilities. In this weather AC’s, coolers are not working. There is hardly any protection from the uncomfortable weather during the day. The people are no longer been able to carry out their regular day to day activities. My locality is not at all a safe place. The place has turned into an accident-prone zone. The electricity supply wires are old and the transformer too is not in very good condition. The main trouble is due to the inefficient functions of either the wires or the transformer. Unless the wires and transformer is replaced, the problem will continue to exist.

Under this situation, I would request you to take step as soon as possible for the sake of our people. 

Thank you very much.


(Your name)

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