A Complaint Letter for the delay in Issue of Certificate

It is mandatory to collect your certificates in case of any delay of a certificate from any company or any educational institution or any other organisation. This letter can help you to complain regarding the issue.


Head of The Department,

Name of Institution 


City, state, zip code

Subject: Complaint about a delay in the issue of the certificate.

Dear sir/madam,

I was a student of your esteemed college for four years and left the institution after completing my graduation in the science and technology stream. 

I have applied for my higher education in some college. And I am asked to submit all the certificates within the due date. 

I have already applied for the required certificates dated on [dd/mm/yr] and cleared all my fees as instructed. But I didn’t receive my certificates till today even after good follow-ups. 

I kindly request your good self to instruct the concerned officer to complete the formalities on my request and provide me with all the required certificates at the earliest. I would be grateful to you.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you and the institution for helping me in my educational journey. College days will always be memorable to me. Wishing my best to the college for becoming a more significant educational institution as the time goes by.

I will be looking forward to receiving my certificates soon.

Thanking you


[Your Name]

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