Received Damaged item: Complaint Letter

If you receive a damaged item from an online shop or any courier, then you must write a complaint letter to that online store or the courier service company. You may ask for a refund or replacement of the same product.

You can also inform them about the steps you will take if they do not replace the product or refund it. Here we have shown some appropriate examples, where you can get new ideas on this topic.

Template: 1


The Manager,

[Store Name]



Dear Sir/Madam,

I made a purchase of some glass water bottles from your store a few days ago, but today I was shocked that the products were in bad condition. Unfortunately, after the products were delivered, when I opened the delivery package to inspect the products inside, I found that everything was broken.

For your reference I am giving my order details here below:

[Order Date:]

[Name of the individual who ordered:]

[Invoice Number:]

[Item Name:]

[Net Price:]

[Date of delivery:]

I have set aside the items in the received form. Your person can also check this out when picking up this merchandise from my place to return. Though I can make the arrangements to return the item for a replacement I do not expect to be liable for return shipping costs or other expenses.

You would be thankful that I did not make any trouble for you as it has already been 10 days since I ordered the goods and cannot use the products as per my requirement. I, therefore, request you to attend to my complaint immediately and provide me with replacement items without any delay. 

Kindly let me know how you wish to manage the return of the products, the collection date, and the courier. If I do not hear from you in the next 7 days about changing the goods, I should go further to complain about your store in the appropriate legal and consumer forum.

I am expecting that my complaint will be resolved soon.


[sender name]

[contact number]

received damaged item

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