A Complaint Letter by employee on office cleaning staff

Respected Sir,

I am an employee in your company working in the materials management department. This letter is written to the reference of several issues related to improper staff behaviour at workplace which has been faced since one month. I would like to bring to your notice that the cleaning staffs have been very casual, irresponsible towards their work since a month. There is no proper cleaning schedule followed to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene at the workplace. Earlier, the maintenance work which includes cleaning of washrooms, moping of floors, changing of towels and tissues was done regularly but now-a-days, there is always a mess around everywhere. 

The drinking water station and coffee room is also very untidy and employees have to clean the mess. The assigned staff either is absent from the premises or they are busy in their personal gossip and other stuff.

It is quite annoying and irritating to work in such dirty environment. I even tried to talk to the cleanliness supervisor. He responded by saying that the things would be in place within a couple of days yet it has been a week, we face the same situation. I am not able to concentrate on work and it affecting my productivity. There is foul odour everywhere and situation is very wretched.

It is a sincere request from my end to look into this matter at your earliest convenience. Making the environment clean and healthy would motivate us to work better. 

Yours  truly,

[Name of Sender]

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