A Complaint letter for Bad Behaviour-Family Gathering


The Parents of [Name]

It took me a long time to find the courage to make this formal complaint against my cousin [name] but I cannot take her rebuke anymore. She has been harassing me mentally since we met at our family gathering.

As I have got a promotion at my office but somehow she is not ready to accept it . After hearing this news at the family gathering she constantly kept calling me stupid, ignorant, ugly. She told me I can do nothing right. She did a ceaseless commenting on my lack of education and lack of wealth. 

Then I asked if I could talk to her privately. Eventually she said yes, I mentioned I did not like her talking attitude towards me, and listed the inferior words she used. At that time suddenly she was pretending to be decent to me. 

A moment after that meeting she again started to talk to others on my name saying I got promotion by buttering my boss only. Her comments were not conducive to a healthy family environment. If this problem is not solved, I do not think I can continue to join any family affairs anymore.

Through this letter I would like to resolve all the issues. I hope for your consideration towards me. I think she may deny her actions, but my brother is willing to come forward as he witnessed what happened that day.

Please help me out about this matter. 


[Sender name]

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