A Complaint letter for Bad Behavior in College


The Principal,

[Institute Name]


Dear Respected Sir,

I am proud of my organization for inculcating ethical and moral values among students with an eminent level of learning. However, despite repeated ethical instructions to students, some of them are deliberately violating the institution’s code of ethics. (Student Name) he is the one who falls into the category of repeatedly abusing students in the class. His Grade  is (Name)  and registration number is (Reg. Or Roll Number). 

In today’s lecture he behaved rudely with me as I warned him about his lack of attention in the lecture. His attitude towards me was like he completely ignored the ethical standards of our institution. For the past two weeks, he has become unresponsive to me whenever I try to address his behaviour towards teachers and his interest in learning. When he treated me miserably today, I politely advised him that his dreadful behaviour towards teachers was detrimental to his career and future. Unfortunately in a sudden manner he left the class even without informing me.  How could I endure this behaviour! I am afraid that he will not change his attitude towards teachers because of his constant indifference to my previous advices.

Sir, I hope your personal advice to him will make the necessary change in his attitude. Call him to your office at your convenience as early as possible so that I would not have to get his disgraceful behaviour in the next class.

Thank you for your precious time.

Best Regards,

[Sender name]

[Job designation]

[Contact no. and Signature]

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