A Complaint Letter for the Bad behavior of your Child in School

Dear parents

As a class teacher, it is my duty to inform you about the moral conduct of your child. I am very sorry to let you know that your child behaviour with teachers is inappropriate. Moreover, her persistent absence from the class is adding more harm to her academic performance. 

The purpose of this writing to you is to inform and suggest to both of you so that you could persuade your child to mend her conduct with her teachers and perform well in her studies. We request you to pay attention to your child’s performance in order to ensure her bright future. I have noticed that she has become distracted and isn’t performing up to her level in the class tests. She has become suddenly very quiet and has reduced playing with other children and doesn’t speak that much. When asked something she suddenly becomes hyper unlike her usual self. She has always been a calm and poised student.

Last week she stormed out of the class in anger after she was reprimanded for not knowing an answer. This incident alarmed the teachers and I am writing to you with only best interest in my mind. It would greatly benefit her if you could just see what is troubling her and help her. I will try my best to provide any help I can, during the school hours. She is the gem of the school and I would love to see her back to normal.

I shall be looking forward to a positive response from you.


(Teacher’s name)

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