Non-Availability of Delivery Facility Complaint Letter Template

Sometimes it does create some problems for you due to the non-availability of the delivery facility to specific Zip codes. Now in this situation what should you do? I think you must have to write a complaint letter to solve your issue quickly. 

Now here while writing this letter you have to write the points with some relevant words which can clear your message easily. Now here we have provided some sample letters for you so that you can easily complete your letter.

Letter Template: 1


The Co-ordinator 



City, state, zip code 

Subject: Complaint About the Non-Availability of The Delivery Facility to Specific Zip Codes

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a resident of [ Your Full Address with Zipcode], and I am waiting for many years to order my desired products from Amazon to get it delivered at my doorstep. Still, I am unable to avail of your services because your delivery facility is not available in the area I reside in. 

I wrote many emails and have requested your customer service to take this issue to the higher management so that people in this area can avail of your services. Every resident in this area is continually trying to get this matter to the persons in charge and the respective departments, but they never responded positively.

You should take a survey of the areas and expand your services which in fact can double your inflow and outflow, resulting in huge revenues. To a well-established and reputed company like yours, it’s an easy decision to take, and it helps you grow more.

Not only in the area I reside, but there are also many areas where you can efficiently operate to deliver your services, and even many people can get employment opportunities that give them pride and confidence in working with an esteemed organization.

I firmly believe you will look into this matter and looking forward to availing your services. Have a great day.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

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