A Speech on “Should College Sports Teams Receive Less Funding?

Good (—) to one and all. I am (—) and I am here today to talk to you about whether or not college sports teams should receive less funding. For many people, college athletics are a big deal in higher education. For most men, football, basketball, and such games are very attractive while in the hunt for colleges.

When there is a good fund for college athletics children are motivated to win in matches and athletics and such success helps to improve the name and recognition of the Institution and as a result, receive much more enrollments and donations.

This also provides costless advertising for the colleges and Universities.  A boost in applications to the winning colleges and Universities has been seen for the past many years. Such benefits aside, the debate as to spending funds on athletics or academics is raised and Institutions are asked to prioritize between raising athletes or providing these funds to improve their academic conditions of the college.

Athletic departments in various colleges spend more than three to six times as much as to educate an average student.

Athletic costs include salary for trainers buying equipment, jerseys, and other required materials for students, their travel expenditures, etc. Such costs increase at least twice as fast when compared to academic spending. These funds should be utilized in a better way by utilizing them to buy more books and material for students to study and from making them participate in academic competitions and exams to improve their knowledge and skills.

This money should be utilized to create workshops and spaces where students can discuss and learn and grow together. The college athletics department is important but the funds should not be provided by the college. Students can either donate money by themselves or find sponsors who can donate to the department and use the money they get through winning in competitions and various other sources.

Institutions that hold Inter-Collegiate competitions should make sure that they provide monetary prices of a reasonable amount so that colleges will not have to provide college funds for athletics.

In my opinion, athletic departments should be self-funded. We should utilize funds that students get from winning competitions and matches to buy equipment and other material. Only necessary expenses like the trainer’s salary should be provided by the college. This will also encourage students to win more matches as their win will decide whether they get good equipment or not.

According to my opinion, college sports teams should receive less funding and this money should be utilized to improve the academic growth of students. Use this money to buy more lab equipment and computers which will help students to gain practical knowledge even more and make colleges technological sufficient so that students will not face problems when they need sources to gain more knowledge.

Though athletics is a very important part of college life, finances are to be used carefully and wisely by colleges and can be better utilized if they are used for academics.

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