56+ Best Cocoa Puns and Funny Quotes

Chocolate is loved by all, irrespective of the age. Various things come in chocolate flavour which increases the demand for chocolate further. It is hard to find someone who does not like the taste of chocolates. Chocolate comes from the cocoa plant. This exotic plant is grown in many countries and exported to make chocolate. Puns about cocoa tend to be as popular as cocoa itself. 

Cocoa Puns and Funny Quotes

  • Why did the cocoa beans not go out? Because they were afraid of being mugged.
  • Why can you never depend on the cocoa regarding an important issue? Because it always choco-late.
  • Which fruit can you send into space in a rocket? A coco-naut.

_From which fruit did the butterfly come out? The coco-oon.

_What did the chocolate lover say to his friend before he went to sleep? He said, “Make sure to wake me up from my slumber before you cocoa.”

_Why was the tropical fruit upset? Because it had too many clothes and nowhere to cocoa.

_What did the box say after it heard an unbelievable statement? He said, “You are driving me cocoa nuts!” 

Cocoa Puns

_Where do you find used cocoa? At the bottom of the bean.

_What did the chocolate say to the cocoa plant? It said, “Bean there, done that.”

_What happens to cocoa at extreme temperatures? It gets chilled to the bean.

_What would you call a neat and tidy place where cocoa is processed? You would call the place squeaky bean.

_What does a factory manager do to start the production of chocolate from cocoa? Gives the process a bean light.

_What does someone who tests the quality of cocoa have? He has a bean sense of smell.

_What do you call buying chocolates more than you can afford? Living beyond your beans.

_Where do you see movies about cocoa beans? On the silver bean.

_How do you figure out the presence of cocoa? They are bean and not heard.

_What do you call a quarrel between two cocoa plants? A cheerful beanter.

_What would you call an excess of cocoa production? Abeandance.

Cocoa Puns

_What should you do with rotten cocoa beans? Nib them in the bud.

_What does a cocoa bean say to a cube of sugar? You might taste good but I taste bitter.

_What does someone who loves cocoa have for breakfast? Bread and bitter.

_Why is the cocoa bean never on time? Because it believes in the saying, “Better late than never.”

_Which is the favourite game of the cocoa bean? Grind theft Auto.

_Which sporting event does the cocoa bean watch on TV? Grind Slam.

_What would you call the discovery of an all new technique in the field of processing cocoa? Breaking new grind.

_What would you call an excellent brew of cocoa? Grind of magic.

_What is a normal day like in the life of a cocoa bean? Work, Play, Roast, repeat.

_What did the unique cocoa bean say to the others? He said, “I am not like the rest of you.”

_What do you do before starting the processing of a cocoa bean? You lay it to roast.

_How do you know that the cocoa bean was petrified? Because it was acting like it had seen a roast.

_What do you call the most sought after cocoa beans of the United States? You call them America’s roast wanted.

_What did the cocoa bean say to its friend to make him believe that he will be in touch? He said, “I will keep you roasted.”

_What is the latest trend in cocoa literature? Roast modernity.

_Which proverb does the cocoa bean always believe in? It always believes in the proverb, “Fortune flavours the brave.”

_How does a cocoa bean define a bad situation? As a seed state of affairs.

_What does an optimistic cocoa bean always do? It always looks at the bright seed of things.

_Why does a cocoa bean always do the correct thing? Because it believes that a good seed never goes unrewarded.

_What is the life mantra of a cocoa bean? All you seed is love.

_Which racing game does a cocoa bean play? Seed for speed.

Cocoa Puns

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