Informing About Covid Initiatives Letter Template

Are you in a situation when you have to write a letter to the client for informing them about initiatives taken by the company during covid 19? Then now you are in right place. Here we have provided some sample letters regarding this topic.

While writing this letter you must have to mention the points which we have discussed here. You can also add some words to give a brief introduction about the Initiatives taken by the company during covid 19.

Template: 1

Dear Mr./ Mrs./ Ms. [ Insert the name of whomsoever it is concerned to]

SUB: [ Insert the subject concerned to the letter]

Greetings of the day!

As we work as a nation to fight the COVID-19 virus, this letter is intended to keep you informed about a few changes the organization has made in view of the pandemic. [ Insert the name of the concerning organization] falls under the criteria of being an industry of essential infrastructure; due to this reason, the company will be continuing to function with its work.

We understand that asking all our employees to work may be problematic for some staff members. If you find it difficult to report for work due to the COVID-19  we would request you to please contact [ Insert the name of the concerned authority] to discuss your situation and potential alternatives, including remote work.

[ insert the name of the concerned organization] is also ensuring to maintain regular sanitation of the workplace, and social distancing measures to maintain hygiene and to prevent infection from the COVID- 19 pandemic. We would request you to cooperate with the organization by refraining from coming to work if you are sick.

We will work as safely as possible under these conditions, and welcome your suggestions and support to do so. Thank you for your continued commitment to [ Insert the name of the concerning organization].

Thank you very much!

Cordial Regards,

[ Insert the Full Name of the Sender]

[ Insert the designation at the organization], [ Insert the name of the organization]

[ insert the necessary contact details]

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