Christmas Themed Letters: 4 Templates

Christmas is the best holiday period celebrated all across the globe on 25th December when the birth of Jesus Christ had taken place. We do wish Merry Christmas to everyone by sending gifts, cards and letters written with decorative fonts and styles. It is done to impress the readers who may be your family member, relative, and a friend or near and dear ones. Some unique ideas are adopted for sharing fun, happiness and entertainment in writing Christmas letters.

Letter Template: 1

Christmas Themed Letters

Dear [friend’s name]

We wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I do think that you will enjoy reading this letter written in a decorative way to celebrate the message of love, unity and brotherhood. 

My wife and I are hoping to celebrate the Christmas in grand way and we are expecting your presence during the Christmas party at house. You would be happy to know that my son has just started walking. He is right now a naughty toddler. He cannot sit for a single moment quietly. He is doing mischievous things throughout the day and my wife keeps on yelling at him.

But my son, [name of son] is really a charm of our family. Last year, when you had visited during the Christmas, you had found him very small and timid. He was just one month old.

He has become an adorable baby and you will enjoy playing with him. I know that he will never let you sit for a single moment.  You will be amazed to see the antics that he plays throughout the day. I am sure that you will never feel bored with him.

How is your daughter doing in your house? I believe that she will be three years old. I am sorry that I could not send the chocolate for the little princess of your house.

But I am surely going to make it up during Christmas. Before you come to our house during Christmas, make sure to inform me soon, I will go and pick you up. I have decorated the house fully for you, especially, the room that you are going to stay. Everything in that room is red except for the colors of the walls. I believe that you know that red is the symbol of c Christmas.

I am eagerly waiting for your presence and the great party.

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thanking You,

Yours Faithfully

[Name of person]



Christmas Themed Letters

Letter Template: 2

Christmas Themed Letters

My dear brother,

I believe dear litter brother that you know that Christmas is the festival of sharing love, fun, enjoyment and beautiful and delicious cakes, cookies and ice creams.

Do you remember, dear? The way we all used to lit bonfire in the shivering nights during the Christmas period. We had a wonderful time during those days. In fact, childhood days are always precious for everyone.

Dear Brother, I will not forget the way you looked so cute wearing the Santa suit gifted by our parents.

I felt like carrying you in the lap and hugging you and playing with you. I think that your Christmas vacation will be starting from 24th December; we will surely have a great blast with you. Your brother in Law and I have come all the way from [location name] to celebrate Christmas with you and our parents.

I believe that you are doing your studies properly. Wish you all the best for the forthcoming semester exams. My dear little champ, you must come soon. We are eagerly waiting for you!

You are the real attraction of the Christmas party and we will be making it bigger this time. We will call all your childhood friends. In fact, we have started sending hand-drawn cards to all your friends. I am also here helping your mother in preparing Christmas cakes. You will definitely enjoy the taste.

Now, if you are going to ask for the recipe, I am surely not going to share it. It is a secret. 

As I have come with my husband all the way from [place name], I have brought something special for you! You have to come and find it out. 

Please let me know when and at what time you will be reaching over here.  We will come to pick you up from Airport.

Have a safe journey till then!  Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

With Love


Your elder sister

Christmas Themed Letters

Letter Template: 3

Christmas Themed Letters

Dear Love,

Missing you very much, dear! Your official tour has taken a month’s time. Really, I cannot continue to stay like this. I know that you have different commitments to make for your business to grow!

You called me two days ago, after that I did not hear from you. It is just one week waiting for the Christmas to arrive. Please let me know that at what time you are coming back to your own.

Our son is really getting restless without you. Really, he cannot do without papa.

Our little one is just five years old and you will be amazed to see the way he has decorated the Christmas tree.

I do not know who had trained him to decorate the Christmas tree. It could be his class teacher.  You will be happy to know that his Christmas holidays started from yesterday. But our poor child has got loads of homework assignments from the class teacher and other subject teachers. I believe that when you will come back from tour, you definitely help our son to finish the home tasks. 

I have special plans for you during Christmas. You will definitely enjoy it. 

Oh dear, do you remember the last time you had opened a 50 years old champagne bottle. Everyone in the house had enjoyed Christmas Eve.

This time, like every year, we will go for the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in the nearby church.

All my neighborhood friends are going together along with their husbands and children. 

But our kid is very small; he will not be able to cope with harsh cold winds during the early morning hours. He will be there with my mother-in-law in the house.

Do call me soon and I am praying for your quick return!

Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love and Kisses 


Your wife

[Name of wife]

Christmas Themed Letters

Letter Template: 4

Christmas Themed Letters

Dear wife, 

Merry Christmas, dear dove, I am really eager to come soon. I am in the process of finishing my work and reaching positively by [date of arrival] December [year].

I understand that you are quite worried for me. I know that you love me so much! I am sorry that I kept bothering you so much entire month. I understand that you love me so much and I also love you. In fact, I cannot leave without you for a single day without you.

We have done enough of chatting online and video calling every alternate day.

I can understand your feeling. I will come soon and make it up for everything. Till then you must enjoy your time with my mother. I know that you do have a caring habit. You always make sure that she takes her medicines on time. 

I am really thankful for whatever you have done for me since the time you have entered our house as the bride.

I consider you as the best Christmas gift for me. What could I have asked for! And the most amazing things are that you have never asked for anything from me. 

There is special gift for you from my side during Christmas. You will surely like it. I am missing my dear son. As I am reaching on [date] [Month] [year] sharp at [time], I will help you and our son to finish the remaining Christmas decorations. I promise to help my son to finish the long list of homework assignments given by the school. 

You must see that our son do not eat chocolates. Otherwise, he will have toothache like the last time. You must keep the chocolates out of his reach.

I am planning to organize a Christmas party on 27th December [year]; I want all my friends to be there in the party!!

Wish you Merry Christmas 

With Love and Kisses 


Your hubby 

[Your name]

Christmas Themed Letters

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