Christmas Light Letters: 4 Templates and Emails

Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ. During this festival, we decorate the Churches, institutions, and also residences and wish “Merry Christmas “to our family members, relatives, and friends.

We also write letters to them during Christmas with beautiful handwriting or fonts. We make efforts to make the letter writing classic so that it strikes the heart of the recipient who will be reading it. You must appreciate the recipient and his or her family members.

Letter Template: 1

Christmas Light Letters

Dear [name of person],

Christmas is the time of get together and making merry with each other. This beautiful occasion gives us an opportunity to enjoy with our family members, relatives and friends and also make new friends.

I am writing this letter to wish you Merry Christmas and remind you that you are bosom friend of my heart.

You have been always at my side whenever I had needed your help. I will never forget the time when my father passed away. You stood by me and my mother and my younger siblings and assisted in fulfilling the funeral formalities.

I am thankful for the support you gave me during the time of joblessness after the death of my father. I had lost all patience as I was facing rejection from every end. But you took me under your care and always motivated me and financially helped my family at that point of time. 

I could not have asked for more, you have been the best gift sent from God. It’s been now so many years we are far away from each other and not getting a moment to meet each other. 

I would be really grateful if you come to my place during Christmas. As you know that my younger siblings are also well settled now, they will be coming to my place to celebrate Christmas with my wife, children and mother.

There will be party organized inside my house and I would like you to come during the Christmas and be with us for the entire day. 

I am sharing love, joy and happiness with family members of yours. I am also sending a gift box for you. You will surely love the things packed inside the gift box. It is nothing but an expression of love.

I am really lucky to get a dedicated friend like you. I pray to God for your good health, success and prosperity in your family.

Wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

With Regards and Love


[ your name]

Christmas Light Letters

Letter Template: 2

Christmas Light Letters

Dear [ name of person],

Christmas is highly an auspicious occasion when everyone wants to enjoy and party together. This is the best occasion to reach out to your long lost friends, relatives and other near and dear ones who are always at your side in every moment of life.

I am really thankful for the way you have helped me ever since the college days.

I would have failed in the final year exams if you did not help me. It is you who encouraged me to give the exams instead of dropping for a year. I had suffered from jaundice and I was not doing fine. But with your class notes and guidance, I was able to clear the exams.

I will remain obliged to you for saving my career and time. 

I owe to you for getting first class in graduation. I am really happy for what I am doing today. It is because of your reference, I got job in [company name] which is one of the topmost companies of US. 

I wish that you were with me during Christmas. But you are quite far away from me. I want you to join us during the Christmas celebration at my home. My wife would love to see you. You must come with your family members at our residence during the Christmas party.

We have started decorating our house with small and starry-shaped colorful lamps, bells and beautiful stickers. You will surely love to see them. 

As my wife would like to understand your favorite dishes, she will prepare for you and your family members. However, I know your favorite Christmas food and that is turkey and mashed potatoes. You must give me a call on [ contact number] to share your favorite food items. 

I hope that you will surely enjoy Christmas at my residence. Let’s have great fun during this Christmas as we are meeting after so many years. 

Wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  God bless you and your family!

With Love and Regards


[Your name]

Christmas Light Letters

Letter Template: 3

Christmas Light Letters

Dear [name of friend],

It is really a moment of joy for me. I am happy that you are doing great with your family members. I am really delighted with the Christmas gift and card that you have sent me. I am quite amazed at the way you have kept concerned for me after so many years. I had never actually thought about it. 

In return, I really could not do anything for you in all these years. You have always tried your best in filling my world with happiness.

I wish that you were there with me. But you are far away from me. But you must keep my advice by celebrating your Christmas in the best possible way with all the best things you can.

I know that you are true Christian and you do understand the essence of celebrating Christmas. It is a beautiful occasion which opens doors or path to friendship, brotherhood and love and dissolves enmity, rivalry and all the negative things of life.

As I have observed you throughout my life, you have been not only a dedicated friend of mine, you have been always obedient towards your parents, grandparents and other elderly people and always compassionate towards needy and poor.

You really have a great heart and I always take your example of you to my children to inculcate true Christian values.

I am sure that you will definitely visit the old church near your house during the Christmas. It reminds me of all those beautiful childhood days we had spent over there.

Over here, I will be visiting the nearby church to celebrate the birth of Christ along with my wife and children during the midnight mass. I will definitely pray for your family’s prosperity and wellness.

The days of festivity of Christmas are really auspicious and you must spend every moment of it with your family and friends in best possible way.

I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the bottom of my heart! Enjoy this beautiful period to the fullest!

With Regards and Love


[Your name]

Christmas Light Letters

Letter Template: 4

Christmas Light Letters

Dear [name of friend],

The month of December has finally arrived and so has the time of Christmas. It is indeed a time of celebration during the snowy winter. I do believe that you are decorating the Christmas tree in the house and also decorating the Church. I know you since the childhood about your dedicated and sincere services for the Church.

I have always remained inspired by your actions since my childhood days. I remember the time when we used to go for the Bible classes to understand from the pastor in the Church. It was during the evening hours.

I must tell you the truth that I had a great time during those days. I will never have those precious moments ever and so I have preserved those moments in my heart.

I would like to see you soon during the New Year period. In fact, I will be going on an official tour to your city and then I will be surely meeting you. We will then have a blast. 

I am writing this letter to wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Christmas is indeed a great festival that whole world prefers celebrating with all the best things. It is the best period of going to Church and meeting friends and relatives and enjoying eating date cakes and opening oldest bottles of wines.

I am really thankful for the cake that you had sent me during Thanksgiving Day. You had mentioned that the cake was prepared by your wife.

My wife and I had really enjoyed the cake and therefore my wife has sent a gift to your wife on the occasion of Christmas for the wonderful thanksgiving present.

I am really lucky to have a friend like you. It is because you have a big heart and you always think of everyone.

I wish you, your wife and children Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love and Regards


[Your name]

Christmas Light Letters

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