Christmas Eve Letter from ELF: 4 Templates

On the day of Christmas Eve, elves pack their bags to set for the journey to the North Pole leaving behind the memories of playing mischiefs with the children. Children of the house would not like to see their beloved elves leaving their houses and going back to the North Pole and therefore they are allowed to touch elves on the day of Christmas Eve. It is really saddening situation for the children to depart from elves.

Letter Template: 1

Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

Dear Children,

Christmas is the time of sharing love and good wishes with everyone, yet it is a long journey I have set for from the United States of America to North Pole. I have to reach to Santa Claus’s house as I have lot of responsibilities over there. 

But I am not in a position of departing from all of you. Tears are rolling down my eyes. It is because I have spent beautiful days with you. 

It has really made me happy to see all of you decorating the house with colorful lamps, stars and balloons. 

I am very delighted to see the beautiful Christmas tree inside your living room. I will never forget the way you have taken care of me by offering me the beautiful colorful clothes and offering me delicious things to eat.

Christmas is a beautiful occasion which you need to celebrate with your family members and friends. I also know how you love your Santa Claus and I would like to carry this information to him. I will be next coming next year with some more toys and story books.

I do believe that you will be quite grown up next year.  I want to see you with new energy and doing something better in life. 

It is my wish that all of you do your studies well and become topper in your respective fields.

Now, you are very young and you must actually listen to your elders.  You should do whatever they actually say. You must not argue or raise your voice against your elders. But yes, there are certain things that you can discuss with your parents and teachers. 

I pray that all of you will definitely succeed in life. By the time, you will be closing your eyes; I will be leaving tonight by setting my journey for North Pole.

Don’t worry, dear, I will be coming back next year!

It has been a wonderful time with you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love and Regards



Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

Letter Template: 2

Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

Dear Children,

I know that I am one of your favorite members in the house hold. You cannot leave without me for a single moment. I am overwhelmed by the love and care that you always shower on me every year during Christmas Month.

I know that how you eagerly wait for this beautiful season.  

You do not know that how special you are in the eyes of Santa. He really loves you and sends you the things that you want in your lives. I have been sent by him to keep an eye on you. 

I see that you have really taken care of things that have been sent by Santa in previous years. It really amazes me to find that you are doing really great in your academics.

Your mother has shown me the report cards of all of you. I really congratulate all of you from the bottom of heart.

Your Santa is just on the way to reach out to you tonight. I know that you are eagerly waiting for him. In the meantime, it is just few moments I am here and then I will be on a long journey. But I don’t want to see you crying. I will be coming next year. I am there for you. 

I have some responsibilities at Santa’s place. I have to clean the house of Santa Claus. I will be also helping Santa in arranging and packing the toys, books and muffins and sending to you. 

So, I have to leave immediately, dear and set off for North Pole. You can stay in touch with me by sending me letters. 

Tomorrow morning you will be finding lot of gifts around you. Your Santa Claus will be just at your doorstep. I wish you Good Night, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

I wish that you follow whatever your parents and teachers advice. 

You are my lovely children, take care1

With Love and Regards



Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

Letter Template: 3

Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

Dear [last name] family,

I am grateful for what you have done for me. I am happy for the attention that I have got from all of you throughout the month of December. I never saw a wonderful family like all of you. You are simply the great!

The way you eagerly wait for me and also the month of Christmas, I too wait for you. I cannot do single day without you. It is because of your love, compassion and care that give me energy to work in Santa ‘house for all of you, select the toys for you and pack them for you.

Santa would love you to go to Church and pray to God. He has lot of expectations for the children of this household! Santa wants all the children to go to school and pay attention to the classes and do the studies properly. 

Santa will be happy when you will be obeying your elders and doing your home work lessons with sincerity.

Santa will be angry if you are skipping your home lessons and not following what is taught in the class. 

Santa would be happy when you will be helping your parents in household chores. It will help you to become responsible in life. It will help you to become mature human being in life.

Dear children, I am really thankful for spending wonderful time with me. I enjoyed the way you had been decorating the house with beautiful colorful lamps, bells and stickers. 

I am quite happy with the way you have been making every moment delightful. 

Tonight will be the last time I will be among all of you. Tomorrow, I will be no more available. I will be on my journey to North Pole.

I know that you are really not feeling good about it. But I will be back again next year to find you little more grown up and mature and doing studies at higher level. 

Wish you love, kisses and hugs 



Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

Letter Template: 4

Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

My dear lovable family,

Firstly, I am wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance! With heavy heart and tears in my eyes, I am taking leave from all of you! I cannot explain how much I love you.

It is because you have given me abundance of love and care in an unconditional way and it has indeed delighted my soul!

I wish that you had hugged me always! But the truth is all the magical energy would have disappeared the moment you had hugged me. You could not have enjoyed the time with me. 

It really gives me pleasure to be with you! I have been with since the beginning of December and I will be leaving today. It is Christmas Eve tonight and you have hugged me and it makes me on top of everything.

You must remember few things in life. Money is not everything. It is love, care and support of family members and friends.

You must not forget the unconditional love shown by your parents. You should always respect them for whatever they do for you. Help them whenever required!

You will definitely succeed with their blessings in life. It is all you need in life. 

Tomorrow morning, when you will be getting up, you will be finding me gone. But I will come next year with toys, chocolates, story books and whatever you actually expect from me.

I am touched by your feelings of love and affection for me. I really enjoy the way you pamper me. You must always keep this attitude of positivity in life and you will then find yourself booming with success and happiness. 

I am really thankful for the beautiful Christmas card, sweets and cakes and now I will be heading towards North Pole.

I wish you all the best in life! May you enjoy every moment of this beautiful Christmas with family members and friends and have wonderful New Year ahead!

With Love and Hugs 



Christmas Eve Letter from ELF

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