Christmas Bubble Letters: 4 Templates

People often go with some creative ideas to celebrate the festival of Christmas and New Year. They write down letters, create cards and even toys and send them as gifts to their relatives and friends. Christmas is the biggest festival in which every country participates in the celebration. Letters from Santa and Elf come up with beautiful and unique font styles. This is done to make the festival colorful and spread the message of love, peace and happiness everywhere. 

Letter Template: 1

Christmas Bubble Letters

Dear [name of child],

This is the best time of the year and I am there again coming to you to distribute gifts to all the nice children of the world.

You really make me happy with the creative things you do. I wish you Merry Christmas and enjoy with families and friends. I wish best of health, happiness and peace for your family members and friends.

You wait every year for this beautiful day, the day of the Christmas celebration. I really love the way you take care of me by giving me different things to eat and drink. You gave me gingerbread to eat and that was really nice. 

Every year, I come with jingle bells on the way from North Pole and you do the same things for me. I understand that it is you are displaying love, affection and happiness. 

You are so good, dear! I am happy to get the chocolate cakes from you! It really tasted great! I believe that your mother has baked the cake specially. It is so nice of her. I am really grateful to her. 

You must always be respectful to elders. Your parents are always your best friends. Never share any problem with them, they will help you.

You must follow your teachers’ instructions at school to do your studies.

I am really happy for the rapid progress you have made in your studies.  I would like to congratulate you for the excellent scores that you have got in your studies. You must always keep it up!

I have kept all the presents on the chimney that you have requested me. You must go and get it and see what all things you have got from me… 

You must promise me that you will always be a good girl/boy. I will come again next year with new gifts. I will keep watching you. May enjoy this Christmas and New Year to the fullest!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year

With love 



Christmas Bubble Letters

Letter Template: 2

Christmas Bubble Letters

My dearest [name of child],

May you always shine like the Sun. Enjoy the Christmas today, it is sunny today with the snow all round. The beautiful sun rays are falling on the snow and making it golden.

I wish you Merry Christmas to all of you. I wish best of health, love and prosperity for everyone. I am really happy to see that you have decorated the Christmas tree so beautifully with small colorful lights and lamps. Christmas stars, bells and balloons are all over the place.  It seems that you have turned your house in to paradise. 

 You must enjoy Christmas to the fullest with your family and friends and make it memorable. It is because Christmas comes once in a year and you get the opportunities to have fun and games with your friends. 

I believe that you did not have loads of home work this time from school for your Christmas holidays. You spend your time in enjoying with your family members and friends. But you must not forget your responsibility as a student. You must focus on studies regularly.

You must study for at least two hours every day. You will have to appear for your terminal exams after two months.

I will pray for you that you get through the exams with flying colors. My wishes are always with you! I know that you have worked hard throughout the year and you should continue doing it. It will definitely pay off! I am really happy with the way you have performed and behaved with everyone in the school, in the house and your neighbors. 

You will find a special gift for you. It is hidden behind the Christmas tree in the living room. Go and grab it!

You will get several gifts from me like this in the coming year, if you behave and perform in the same way you are doing right now!

I love you the most! I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love 


Santa Claus

Christmas Bubble Letters

Letter Template: 3

Christmas Bubble Letters

Dear [name of child],

It has made me proud to know that you have scored the highest marks in the last terminal exams. You must keep continuing to maintain zeal and enthusiasm in the same way as you had always done. 

I am coming all the way from North Pole to wish you Merry Christmas and New Year. I was indeed tired from the journey and I am thankful for comforting me by offering me Gingerbread, cake and lovely delicious cookies along with hot milk to warm up.

I am really feeling better now and I will be heading towards some more children to distribute gifts. But I will be missing you very much, dear! But I will have my attention towards you. 

You always feel me up with joy with your good conduct at school and in the house and also among your friends.

Are you excited about the Christmas holidays that you have got from school? What are your plans for these holidays? How are you going to celebrate and spend your time during these holidays? You must write a letter regarding this. 

Only thing is that I have observed that you are skipping your meals. You must not do this. You must have your food regularly.

You must drink lot of water during the winter and also practice exercise regularly. You will not catch cold. Your health is first and foremost thing that you must actually take care. I am really happy to find that you are helping your mother in household tasks. I really appreciate it.

You must also follow your dad’s advice and also keep helping him. You must be always respectful towards them and serve them. After all, they have brought you in this world.

You will find a gift near the kitchen wardrobe, you must quickly grab it. Otherwise, it will vanish like a magic!

Please let me know through the letter about the gift that you got from me. 

I will come next year with new more things! Keep doing good and be good!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

With Love



Christmas Bubble Letters

Letter Template: 4

Christmas Bubble Letters

Dear Child,

I am really happy with the way you have been behaving with everyone in the house and also in school.

You are the best child that I have ever seen. I pray to God that you continue remaining in the same way always. I love you just way you are, my child!

I have been sent by Santa Claus from North Pole to be with you and be a happy companion with you!  I am really happy with the way you have played games with your siblings and your neighborhood friends. It was a real fun indeed!

I will never forget this beautiful time that I have spent with you during the month of December. Now, the time of departure has come. I have to go back again to North Pole! I know that you will miss me a lot and I will also miss you in the same way. 

I am really happy with the way you have been doing your studies at school and completing the home assignments regularly.

It has really made happy to know that you always follow the instructions given by your teachers in the school. 

It has also delighted me to see the way you take care of your siblings. 

What I love the most is that you do not forget to pray before going to bed and after you wake up in the morning. You must keep this practice forever. God will keep blessing you always!

There is a gift for you from my side. I have kept near your study table. You must quickly go and grab it. You must share the gift with your sibling also.  You will find plenty of surprises inside the gift box for you and your brother/ sister.

Do not be sad! I will come again next year! I wish all the best for your Christmas and New Year!

With Love 

From Elf

Christmas Bubble Letters

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