Child Traveling without Parents Approval Letter

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Child Traveling without Parents Approval Letter





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Subject: Approval letter for my child traveling without parents

Dear (sir/madam)

I am writing this letter to approve your request which you made on (date). I (name), the legal guardian of (child’s name), give my consent for (him/her) to travel with you.

Firstly, I was thinking that how (he/she) will go for travel without (his/her) parents, and then I read all information that you provided. I am pleased to see your rules and regulations. Your security system is very powerful, and now I am not feeling any trace about my child’s security. 

(He/she) has a great desire to know the unknown, to see the unseen, and you gave this opportunity to (him/her) to fulfill (his/her) wise. The vehicle that you have mentioned is very comfortable for (him/her), and the place where (he/she) will travel is very charming. I hope (he/she) will enjoy throughout the journey and will be able to know new things that will increase (his/her) general knowledge. 

Besides this, you promise to take care of (him/her) and will take all the responsibilities of (him/her). So, I can trust you and am allowing (name) to go with you.


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