Child Custody Reference Letter Template

If you are writing a letter of reference for a parent for his or her child custody, you should be able to mention in the letter, how you know him or her, whether he or she is a good individual and whether he or she is capable of handling the kid and raise him or her up well.

To help you write such a letter with total convenience, I have created a useful sample letter, having a look at which you will be able to write yours with perfection.

Letter Template: 1





Subject: Letter of Reference for Child Custody

Respected sir/madam,

I [mention your name] resident of (mention your address) is writing the reference letter for (mention the name of the parent) (mention relation with the child) of (child’s name) to obtain the custody of the child. I have been a regular visitor to them and have known them since, and I am his/her (Your relationship with the guardian).

As a person, he/she has a great bond with (parent of the child). The child also has a great bond and attachment with and together they make a great family. I would request you to consider my reference letter and would consider (mention name of the guardian) as the perfect guardian of the child.

For further queries, you can reach me at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address.


[Name of the sender] 

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