Certificate of Appreciation Templates – 6 Sample Formats

Certificate Templates Certificate of Appreciation Templates - 6 Sample Formats

Certificate of Appreciation Templates – 6 Sample Formats

The certificate of appreciation is usually provided when someone has done a work which has gathered a lot of fame or an employee who has got you a new client and also the person can be rewarded. The certificate of appreciation can be sent by your immediate manager, your boss or your client.

It is very often when a person resigns they are provided with a letter of appreciation. The letter of appreciation should consist of what are you appreciation (work, behavior, attitude towards work, some success, etc.)

Here are Best Certificate of Appreciation Templates

Certificate of Appreciation Templates 1

Dear Fullname,

It is great to have an employee like you who are so sincerely towards their work. In the past 3 years that you have been a part of our marketing team and who you have been an important part of the campaigns that were launched and gathered us a lot of praise and the motive of launching them was fulfilled.

I would like to appreciate your efforts behind the Star TV campaign which was able to get traction of over a billion people. The headline of it was solely decided by you and we are very happy to inform you and the whole team that we have got a contract from the same channel for their next 10 campaigns. It has been one of the biggest contracts for us in the last 1 year.

We would like to thank you for your hard work and also would like to promote you as the team lead for the next 10 projects with sole responsibilities on you.

Full Name


Certificate of Appreciation Template 2

Hello Fullname,

I have been very impressed with your presence of mind and the way you tackled a situation that was very delicate and yet you managed it with absolutely no casualties.

The presence of the mind that you showed is commendable and we would like to reward you for doing something like this. We would like you to share your knowledge with the whole organization and hence will organize a series of 4 classes where you will be delivering the speech about your past experience.

We would like to give you a week of paid leave for Mahindra resorts in Shimla.

Head of Operation

Certificate of Appreciation Template 3

Dear Alfred,

It has been over 5 years that you have chosen to stay with the organization. From this year you will be getting equity from the company.

Apart from this, I would like to thank you for the loyalty that you have shown in the last 5 years. Your diligent attitude and also your enthusiasm for being a part of any project have helped us deliver many challenging projects.

We would like to offer you a promotion at this moment with which salary raise will be provided as well. We would request you to lead the team and help us reach more and more heights. With your sincerity, we wish to increase our time size as well. Your contributions to the last 3 projects have been appreciated by the higher management also.

Head of human resources

Certificate of Appreciation Template 4

Dear Sister,

I know we have been staying away for a very long period of time but I would like to take a moment of yours to thank you for your guidance.

You are the best support system anyone could ask for. Though we stay in different timezones your efforts to keep in touch are just commendable. I know I am a bit careless and hence I forget to write regular emails or call you. You have been taking care of mom and Dad very well and they also keep telling me about your progress in studies.

This last time I came across your blog and it made me very proud as a brother, as a citizen of United States. The way you have described the culture of the country is very amazing and I wish to see such blogs in the future as well.

I am sending you a token of love with this letter and I wish that you like it. I promise to be there this time on Christmas and then we will go on a family trip which you have been asking for a very long time now.

Your little brother


Certificate of Appreciation Template 5

Respected Mam,

I know it has been a very long time but I would like to take a moment of yours. I was your old student batch (2000-2001).

Even after 19 years, I cannot forget the way you taught us the literature and would like to tell you that my book will be releasing this year-end . It was just your teachings, lessons, and blessings that made this possible. I know that while in school we could appreciate the patience that kept while we understood the poem “Seven ages”.

I want to request you to please come to join me in the event of launching my book. I want you to be the chief guest of the event because it wouldn’t have been possible without the lessons that you taught.

I am very privileged that I got to be the student of someone who was so selfless and also who always treated students as her own kid.Please reach out to me – ______________ on the email or phone number provided in the closing note.

Full Name
Contact Number

Certificate of Appreciation Template 6

Dear student “Name”,

You are one of the very few students whom I remember by all their details as they have made a mark in the world.

Your presence of mind and intelligence together helped you win the international mathematics olympiad. On behalf of the school, we would like to congratulate you on this occasion. We would like to facilitate you in the school annual function as well this year.

You are a very intelligent and hardworking kid and above this, your act of kindness and genr=erosity is very much known in the school and hence we have decided to make you the school representative as well.

We appreciate the hard work and time you have put in this competition and would wish you much more success in the future.

Name of the principal

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