Car Loan Approval Letter Template

If you are in a situation where you have to write a letter of approval for a car loan, then you can easily take help from our below letters. Here we have already covered some sample letters regarding this topic.

Here, you must write the details about the loan and its amount, the reason for approval, etc. Now it’s important to choose some effective words while writing your points. Now just follow our below letters and complete your letter.

Letter Template: 1

Car Loan Approval Letter





Subject:  Approval letter for a car loan

Respected Sir/Madam,

I was a (mention your designation) want to inform you that, you have made a request to us about a car loan. We are glad to inform you that your requested loan from the bank [name] has been approved by our loan department office.

Since you have been a member of our branch for a long time, we know you very well. We have checked all the documents you submitted, and all the documents were verified correctly.

We gave you all the further documents, hoping you read them properly as our documents have a lot of terms and conditions. We hope you will abide by those terms and conditions.

You may know that we don’t charge much interest on a car loan so you have nothing to worry about. So with your permission, we will continue our loan process and send all the documents to your home address.

For more information, you can reach us anytime at (mention phone number) or through an email (mention email address). Or can directly come to our office.


[Sender Name]

car loan approval letter

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