Business Trip Approval Letter Template

The higher management of your company or organization has decided to approve the business trip for anyone or any team, and you have the responsibility to send this information of approval. In this situation, you have to write an approval letter to send your message in a proper format.

Here we are going to help you in this situation by providing some sample letters regarding this topic. Here while writing this letter you have to include the points which we have discussed here.

Letter Template: 1

Dear [Name of Recipient],

I am writing this letter to officially inform you that your request for the upcoming business trip scheduled from [start date] till [end date] to [name of place] has been approved by higher management. I suggest you verify your travel itinerary and schedules for the entire trip.

You can contact [name of HR person] regarding the meal plans, per diem, reimbursements, and insurance related to your trip.

Please remember that you need to submit the necessary reports related to your business trip upon resuming your work. Kindly fill out the necessary forms before travel and also register an emergency contact that can be reached out to during the entire duration of the trip.

It is advisable to keep your original identity documents handy and the photocopies. I have attached a set of necessary instructions to be followed during your business trip.

If you require any further clarifications, you can reach out to me over the phone at xxx or via email at XXXX. Please accept and consider this letter as your final approval for the trip. Wish you a pleasant and safe journey.

Yours truly,

[Name of Sender]


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