Business Memo Templates: 8 Samples Emails

Usually, memos are sent with a very specific purpose and here no salutations are there, you will have to directly come to the point why are you sending this memo, it is usually like a notice of something that is urgent and is displayed to everyone for collective information transmission.

This letter structure will help you to counsel the employees about investing time in the office in the wrong way. You can inform that by playing games and surfing the internet during the offices, they are not only harming spoiling the organization’s atmosphere but also they are actually damaging their status.

You will be also assuring them of not taking any action further if they are not caught next time with the same kind of mistakes. 

Letter Template: 1

Business Memo Templates


It has come to notice that a lot of people are investing time in playing games and surfing through the net in the time of office hours. This has reduced the productivity of the employees by a significant percentage and hence we have decided to send a warning memo.

Though we don’t really wish to take any strict action at the very first time and hence would like you all to focus on work and not waste the office hours. 

Obviously, we don’t need you to see our association as a position of drudgery and draconian guidelines. I energize a fun and serious condition, and I perceive that we surely won’t be gainful in the event that you are despondent or disappointed with your employment.

This is only a suggestion to be cautious with your utilization of organization time. 

Much obliged to you, 

The Manager 

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Letter Template: 2

Business Memo Templates

Subject: Attaching spreadsheet 

This is to remind the division that, beginning today, we are currently documenting all Testing Procedure Specification (TPS) reports with new spreadsheets. 

The purpose behind this change is basic. Notwithstanding another configuration, the spread sheets give a synopsis of the report just as the refreshed legitimate duplicate. The new spreadsheets likewise incorporate Initech’s new logo. 

Despite the fact that this change may at first appear to be a cerebral pain and an additional progression, it is important to incorporate the new spreadsheets because of their refreshed data. Neglecting to do so will bring about a confounding and incorrect item conveyed to our clients. 

It would be ideal if you make certain to follow this new method. 

Best respects, 

Full Name

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Letter Template: 3

Business Memo Templates

I suggest that we buy or rent a van to fill in as a portable book shop. We could utilize this van to create deals in the remote towns and towns all through the state where our retail locations are not entering. 

We have known for quite a while that numerous modest communities around the state don’t have satisfactory book shops, however, the financial aspects of the circumstance are with the end goal that we would not have the option to open a thorough branch and work it productively. As you are presumably mindful, the laws of this state would allow us to obtain a statewide business permit decently effectively and cheaply. 

With the best possible development publicizing, we ought to have the option to create a lot of enthusiasm for this activity. I can’t help thinking that this thought has a lot of legitimacy in light of the adaptability it offers us.

For instance, we could tailor the length of our stay to the size of the town and the measure of business produced. Additionally, we could tweak our stock to the necessities and interests of the specific districts.

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Letter Template: 4

Business Memo Templates

MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between the organization name and “your department name”. 

1) Purpose: 

Our two offices have been entrusted to build up a program to advance sound living in young youngsters. This memorandum is to address the objectives and difficulties confronting schools in our state in actualizing solid feast alternatives, especially the reception of natural products as a daytime nibbles. To that end we should mutually finish the accompanying undertakings: 

– Develop a straightforward and fun science upheld program, advancing the advantages of everyday organic product utilization. 

– Promote new sound feast alternatives on school menus, remembering data for fixings and their advantages. 

– Develop an arrangement of gathering information and dissecting the achievement of the program after some time. 

2) Duration of Agreement: 

The understanding will begin on ”Date”, and will proceed in any event 3 years, whereupon we will reexamine our objectives. 

Name of the head

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Letter Template: 5

Memorandum of Agreement Between Company Name & Self

We the undersigned, in acknowledgment of our point of improving the perusing experience of home PC clients, concur that we will cooperate and share specialized details to build up a working framework and internet browser, with consistent combination and cross stage support. 



Designation, Company

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Letter Template: 6


From: Position, Company Name

TO: Respective people

RE: Deployment Request 

1) The motivation behind this memorandum is to clarify the procedure of organization Foreign Exchange Program Officers in their host nation. 


To demand the arrangement of “Programme Name”, a letter ought to be written in an authentic correspondence position by the facilitating unit, to the Head of Organization, going through the host nation’s government office. This ought to incorporate all the names of the trade officials, their units, and that of the comparing host nation. 


According to the ebb and flow understanding between the United States and its partners, arrangement of “program name” requires direct endorsement from Headquarters, except if a) preparation is to happen in global waters. 


Head of the organization

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Letter Template: 7

Memo of Transmittal for Need for New Computing Equipment 

Name and Designation

Concerning your solicitation on “Date DD/MM/YY”, the IT office has assessed the requirement for new all-inclusive figuring gear. I have encased the accompanying report investigating the cost, proficiency, and efficiency of the 4 proposed brands. 

In light of their discoveries, IT agrees that another line of PCs will without a doubt advantage the organization generally. They prescribe contracting with Dell to execute the 2019 Office Suite run. 



Company Name

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Letter Template: 8

Company Memo Template

Memo: Reason for passing memo

An after-work gathering will happen on “Date” at” Venue”. Everybody who works in place of business number 3 is welcomed. 

If you don’t mind, note that the gathering will start at 6 pm. This implies you are not to leave the workplace before your booked end time of 5 pm. If by any chance that you don’t go to take a shot at that day, you won’t be allowed to go to the gathering. 

Tea time snacks and drinks will be provided liberated from cost. The clothing standard is easygoing. If it’s not too much trouble recall this is official office work, and amateurish conduct won’t go on without serious consequences. 

See you there! 

The Management

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