Business Closing Letter: 7 Format Samples

It Is a Matter of Grief for Any Business or Business Owner when The Closedown. the Most Important Thing to Do at This Point in Time Is to Inform the Customers, Clients and The Team of The Progress Which Took Over in The Last Few Months Which Made You Take This Very Severe Decision.

While closing a business also you should think about paying your team some money, mostly advance salary for 1 or two months. End the letter with a note that you have enjoyed working but the situations made you take this step and you definitely will miss it.

Template: 1

Business Closing Letter Sample-1

Dear Mr. Johnson, 

Remorsefully, I should illuminate you that ABC Fixings will cease trading after March 31, 2008. This choice has been taken predominantly because of increased rivalry from overseas where lower creation costs have meant that we are never again able to remain serious on cost, yet remain a viable business at the same time. 

Our client support focus will remain completely operational until 5.30 pm on our last day of business which will be on March 31, 2008, so in the event that you have any inquiries about your request or need any additional information or help, please don’t hesitate to contact us on the above phone number. 

On behalf of ABC Fixings, I might want to take this chance to thank you for your proceeded with loyalty in picking us as your favored provider for the past ten years. Without your help, our prosperity would not have been conceivable however under the current global business climate, we have been left with no choice yet to shut down after March 31, 2008. 

Thank you by and by for the loyal and persistent help you have demonstrated to us throughout the years we have been trading. 

Yours earnestly, 

Mrs. Shelby 

Operations Manager 

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Template: 2

Business Closing Letter Sample-2

Dear Durban, 

We lament to advise you that we have chosen to shut down our business. Our last day of business will be on 17th April 2020. After that date, Royal Bakery will never again be offering baking services. The choice to shut down this business was not an easy one and we appreciated the relationships with our clients throughout the years. 

We want to thank all of you that we have worked with us throughout the years. We couldn’t have been as effective as it was without your loyalty. 

Owner Royal Bakery

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Template: 3

Business Closing Letter Sample-3

Hello all,

As you probably are aware, the merger of our parent company with TMT Enterprises is having a far-reaching influence on other smaller subsidiaries. Although we had would have liked to weather the tempest, I am sorry to report that we will close our office at the finish of this fiscal year. We will offer situations in the Chicago office to the individuals who will move. For other people, the severance package will be very liberal. 

I might want to communicate my personal appreciation for the association we have had as the years progressed. You have been a superb, strong staff, and I wish you each achievement later on. 


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Template: 4

Business Closing Letter Sample-4

Hello Rebecca,

We lament to educate you that we will close our Ohio office permanently on Friday, December 20. The general business decrease in that area makes it difficult to legitimize keeping the workplace open. We are aware of the impact this closing will have on representatives in that office.

Be assured that we will make each push to discover your comparable work inside the Doe organization. To those we are unable to accommodate, we will pay one month’s salary to ease the transition. 

Cybage is grateful for you proceeded with administration and backing during this troublesome time. We trust we as a whole will profit by this change. 

Manager Human Resources

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Template: 5

Business Closing Letter Sample-5

Hello family,

As we have feared for quite a while, the large-scale improvement in San Andreas has however decimated our small retail market. The forthcoming April 1, Tisca’s on Main will be closing. While this will mean a layoff for a large portion of you, our severance package should give everybody time to discover suitable work somewhere else. 

We perceive that without the help and loyalty of this staff we would never have held out this long. It’s been a great 20 years! 

We thank you and wish you the best of achievement in your new positions, any place they may be. 

VP- Production

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Template: 6

Business Closing Letter Sample-6

Hello team,

I am sorry to announce that William’s midtown office will close on April 31. So as to diminish our overhead, the elements of this branch will be joined with the Florida office. A portion of the workers here will be transferred to Florida; in the event that you right now will be told. We lament that we will be unable to take all of you with us.

Liberal severance pay will be given to those whose work with William’s will end, and I would be extremely pleased to outfit anyone who asks with a positive reference. I profoundly appreciate our association throughout the years and lament the occasions which have made this choice necessary.

Please contact me on the off chance that I can help you in any capacity to make sure about new business. 


William Service Station

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Template: 7

Business Closing Letter Sample-7

Dear Cheryl, 

This letter is to keep you informed that TFT Animations will be leaving business on 1st April 2020. We are having a Sale starting on 22nd March 2020 with an end goal to clear out our whole stock. We’ll be offering large limits on all things and the expectation you will come to take advantage of these savings. 

We thank you for being a loyal client for the past 15 years that we have been in business. On the off chance that you have any inquiries regarding the sale or anything else, I can be reached at 555-123-4567 or at 



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