Burial Invitation Letter Examples: 4 Templates

You have lost a loved one recently. You intend to invite all the near and dear ones of the deceased to the burial ceremony so that they may pay their last respects to the person. You should ideally write a letter of invitation to the guests.

This letter may be written in an informal tone. The time and venue of the event should invariably be mentioned in the invitation letter. In order to write such a letter, you can follow the letter templates mentioned below on our website.

Letter Template: 1

Burial Invitation Letter


(Name of the recipient),

(Address of the recipient),


Sub: Burial Invitation Letter

Respected Sir/ Madam,

It is with a sense of great loss and grief I am informing you about the sudden demise of my (mention the dead person) on (mention date). His death left me and my family with a great sense of loss. For some days he was suffering from the hardships of (mention the health problem).

We were unable to ease the pains and suffering that occurred from the diseases. Our doctor was also unable to save him. As we were unable to ease his pain so we are planning to give him a proper and respectful burial and also to pray for him.

We are requesting you help us in our attempts with your meaningful presence and sincere prayers. The burial will be held at (mention time) on the day (mention date) from (mention time).

We hope to see you in these troublesome days of our family.

Thank you very much,


(Name of the sender)


burial invitation letter

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