Breach of Contract Claim Letter Template

Breach of contract is not acceptable at any time so there you must have to write a letter of claim in this situation. Now while writing this letter you have to write the details about the contract, its breaches and some other information.

Now here it’s crucial to mention these points with a proper format and also with some relevant words to express your message clearly. Now if you are not able to complete it on your own you can easily take help from our below letters.

Letter Template: 1




[Mention designation of recipient]

Respected sir/madam,

This letter is to inform you of a formal notice to discuss a breach by you in the contract I and you made on (mention date) to clear the detritus on the (mention property size) property at address (mention address). According to the agreement, you agreed to complete the project by (mention date). 

However, one month later (mention date), the property has not been cleaned. The property is not in a good condition and is not ready yet. I have enclosed some photographs of the property taken yesterday on (mention date). This is a disappointment from your side to me. Please find the attached file for your reference and do the needful things as soon as possible.  

Please contact me as soon as you receive this notice, so that we can discuss it. If I don’t get any response from you by (mention date), I will pursue all legal activities. So kindly, look into this matter and resolve the issue immediately.


[Sender name]

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