Books Acknowledgement Letter Template

Here we have covered various sample letters, speeches, etc. to help you properly. Now we are going to cover some sample letters regarding letters of acknowledgment of books. Here while writing this letter you have to maintain a proper format.

You have to also mention the number of books you have received, their quality, and other information. Now if you are in trouble while writing your letter then you can easily take help from our below letters.

Letter Template: 1


[Mention organization name]



Dear [name],

The purpose of writing is to inform you about the books I have received. I have checked the quality which is considerably good. The number of books I received is [number of books].  I hereby acknowledge the acquisition of books through your reputed organization. I wish to get more books next time with more consideration.  

I look forward to signing more agreements with your organization. [Mention organization name] has always supported our efforts to provide the need for books for students. Thank you for donating [mention total number of books] books to us for our library.

We will always work together for the development and progress of these students in the future and your contribution is invaluable to our organization. I always appreciate your efforts and eagerly anticipate your future support.

Currently, we have [mention total number of books] books in total at the library in which [number of books] books are donated by your and [number of books] books are purchased from you with a less amount. There is no objection from us to date to working with the organization. Management of our organization has expressed their gratitude 5twaird you.

Kind regards,

[Sender Name]

books acknowledgement letter

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