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51+ Best Birthday Wishes For Cousins To Share

No matter be it any celebration or any kind of social gathering, whenever we go for these kinds of occasions we find our cousins to spend our time with, and wishing them their birthdays and spending time with them are never boring no matter what age you are of

Birthday Wishes for Cousins to Share

-May this day come over and over again and I can disturb you more in future, since you are one of the best buddies I got who is a part of my family. Hence wishing you a happy birthday dear ()

-You will have to pay all the debts you owe to me, in form of treats and parties, as you turn () today and we all wish you a many many happy returns of the day

-This day is marked with bright colors as this day an annoying as well as adorable creature was born, yes it is you, and I wish we can meet soon and for now, me and my family wish you a happy birthday

-Hope you spend this day well since it’s your day and as you turn () today you shall have new friends, but dare you to forget me or I will spill all your secrets, wishing you happy returns for this day

-What are you? An annoying creature? a Barbie doll? My partner in crime?, I guess you are all of them, and this day is special for me as well, as you are more than just my cousin, wishing you a happy birthday

-No matter where you are our bond shall always stay strong as it was before, and I hope you spend this day with utmost joy and finally learn to not lose your socks. Happy birthday to you

-Never shall you forget this day as this day we always hang out at () and today it’s not gonna be anything different, and hence I wont invite but order you to come and let us celebrate your birthday with a grand party

-Have some mercy on me and stop making me wish you at midnight, but since I am doing, I want a payback, and hence I expect a great party on behalf of your () birthday and many many happy returns of the day

– Let us all spend our day together in a beautiful summer morning, as we all celebrate your birthday and we hope you go ahead in your life and touch the skies, and once again wishing you many happy returns of this day

-On this auspicious day me and my family shower our well wishes on you on behalf of your () birthday and hope this day shall be the happiest of all since this day comes only once a year

-Here comes the day we all have been waiting for and on this very day my partner in crime, you were born, and this day shall bring forth lots of joy and happiness. Happy birthday to you dear ()

-Our memories, our secrets, our childish mistakes, all shall stack up to build a strong wall of memories and emotion among us, and to celebrate that, I wish you a happy birthday and get ready to party like hell

-I really want you to punch in the face every time I see you as well as hug u too, and from your dear and best cousin, you are getting this birthday wish, so be happy and spend this day as you please

-How come I could have forgotten this date since that is impossible, hence on behalf of me and my family, wishing you a happiest birthday and we hope your life shall always grow to be better

-In every occasion you are my sole partner to take away the boredom and turn every ordinary occasion into a legendary one, hence on this special day, I wish you a happy birthday may your day goes well

-like every other major occasion I always search for you, and especially on this day I am very happy to wish you a happy birthday as you turn () today, and hence I am counting for celebrations on your name

-It’s time for finally buying that dress you so long craved for, and fill your home with lots and lots of wishes, hence wishing you many many happy returns of the day

-At least today don’t show your laziness and join us to celebrate this day worth remembering till the next time, on behalf of your birthday, we all wish you together, and many many returns if the day

-Come and let us make this birthday of yours special as we celebrate this day with every ounce if happiness, and hence we all wish you many many happy returns of this day

-Come out of your den and enjoy this day like it’s the last time you can since this day comes once in a year and we shall celebrate it as if it stays in our mind for the rest of the year, hence wishing you a happy birthday

-You are no longer small, you have grown up, but this does not change our bond, our legendary duo shall always be together and hence let us both celebrating your birthday together. Wishing you a happy birthday dear ()

-It’s been a while we have not met, and I feel like this day is the perfect one for this, as I am gonna drag you and make you enjoy this best day of the year, and a warm happy birthday from me to you dear () hope you spend this day nicely

-Feel free to order all the food you need today, try out all of your favorite dresses, since it’s your birthday, and this day shall be a memorable one for you, and on this behalf, happy birthday to you

-Cheers to you for always being my partner in every occasion and making my bad times into happy ones, and on behalf of this special day I wish you a happy birthday my dear cousin

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