Birthday Letter to Grandson: 4 Templates

Template: 1

A Letter to My Grandson on His 1st Birthday


Dear [name of grandson],

Many many happy returns of the day [name of grandson], hope you are doing well. It is such a big day for me as you turned 5th today. I hope you have already received all your birthday presents from me, and you like them.

I chose the [name of the color] as it is your favorite color and you have always wanted to get a [name of the color] colored study table. I also got to know that your mother also bought a [name of the color] cake for you and you people are going to [name of the place] for your birthday celebration.

You will be joining your new school very soon and you will have so many friends with whom you will share your lunch you will play with them and have fun. As you promised me earlier you will take the new backpack and the new lunchbox that I have already gifted you to your new school.

I think you will get this letter when you come back home from your [name of the place] trip and when you get this please don’t forget to write one for me also. I have also attached some of your childhood pictures when you used to stay with me. Do you remember our dog [name of the dog]? I found a few photos of you with her. 

You are my only grandson and I feel so happy and sad at the same moment so you are growing too fast and I’m growing too old. I would have felt much better if we all could have spent your birthday together. I wish you a very happy and long journey and enjoy each and every day in your new school and also in your home.

Never forget to write me back and again Happy Birthday to my one and only grandson, may God bless all his blessings upon you and you shine like a rainbow. Lots of love.

Always yours,

[Your name]

a letter to my grandson on his 1st birthday

Template: 2

Letter to Grandson for 10th Birthday


Dear [name of grandson],

I wish you a very happy birthday [name of grandson]. May God bless you with good health and happiness. Your grandmother would have been so happy today to see you turn 10 this year. Hope you like your new bicycle and you will enjoy riding it. 

Your mother told me that you have been waiting for a bicycle for a long time and I thought it would be great to gift you a bicycle. After learning how to ride it properly you can also go to our school by riding it, but of course, you should also wear your helmet while learning and riding.

You know when I turned 10 my father gave me a photo frame with a picture of me when I was just a newborn and a recent picture of me. I still have that photo frame in my living room and every time I see that photo frame I remember how excited I was when I got it. 

You know you should live your life to the best enjoy your life every day because as you grow older you will miss all the fun you used to have when you were young. Even now when I talk to your mother she tells me how much she misses her childhood and all the fun she used to have when she was a teenager.

I’m really sorry I couldn’t make it to you birthday this year but I promise I’ll be there when you cut the cake next year.

When you write back to me do tell me what you did today, how many of your friends were invited and if you liked the bicycle. Do you still have the study table that I got you on your 5th birthday? It was an idea from your grandmother.

She was so happy that day, she was so excited for your 5th birthday that she even forgot to bring your gift with her, and again I had to go back and bring your gift. I hope you have everything in your life and once again Happy Birthday dear. Love you a lot.

Always yours,

[Your name]

letter to grandson for 10th birthday

Template: 3

Letter to Grandson for 1st Birthday from Grandmother


Dear [name of grandson],

Happy Birthday to my dearest grandson. Today you turned 1 and you can’t even imagine how happy and blessed I feel. Of course, you cannot read this letter now but you will be able to read it after 3 or 4 years. I have already asked your mother to keep this letter in a safe place and when you grow older your mother will herself give this to you.

Have you decided on the name of the dog which I have gifted you on your 1st birthday? Your parents told me you play with her all the time and she also loves you a lot. Last year at this time we all were in the hospital with you and your mother, you started crying as soon as your father took you from me and again you stopped crying when you came back to my lap.

We were so excited and happy, I even bought so many clothes for you to wear when you came home from the hospital. All the memories are so fresh today. You know last year your father, grandfather, and I was with your mother from [the date before he was born] having endless conversations about you that who will get the first chance to take you in their hands, how will take you home and also after your mother who will get the second chance to click pictures with you.

I apologize for not being able to join you on your first birthday as your grandfather is sick and I have to take care of him too. Though he cannot express his feelings now I’m sure he is also very happy for you as he was a year before. Take blessings from both of us and I promise to join you the next year. Best wishes for your upcoming journey, always remember I love you a lot.

Yours loving,


letter to grandson for 1st birthday from grandmother

Template: 4

Letter to Grandson for 1st Birthday from Grandfather


Dear [name of grandson],

Though you cannot read this letter know still I wish you a very happy birthday [name of grandson]! May all your dreams come true and you have a healthy life. It would have been great if I were able to be there when you cut your first ever birthday cake. I had a talk with your mother and she said when you’ll be grown enough she will herself hand over this letter to you and I hope you give it a read and write me back even if it is 5 years letter.

You know last year when your grandmother was with you and your mother, your father and I were deciding whether to take you to your parent’s house or to our house. After some time we came to a decision that all the 5 of us will be going to our house and will be staying together for a few weeks.

When you will grow older your mother will tell you all the stories about the day when you were born and you’ll be surprised to listen to all of them.

I hope you will like the cake that I sent you on your first birthday. Though you will not remember the taste of the cake when you start talking of course you will have the pictures and then you can see the design that I chose for you.

You know I even bought the tickets so that I can be there with you today while you cut the cake, but due to bad weather conditions the flight got canceled and no other flights were available for today.

Don’t worry from next year I’ll buy the tickets a few days before so that even if any problem arises I’ll have a few days in my hand to sort things out and be with you on your birthday. Again many many happy returns of the day [name of grandson], even if I’m not present today don’t forget I’ll always keep loving you.

Always yours,


letter to grandson for 1st birthday from grandfather

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