Birthday Letter to Colleague: 4 Templates

Template: 1

Birthday Letter to Colleague


Dear [ Mention the name of your colleague],

Through this letter, I want to wish you a very cheerful 25th birthday. Turning 25 means entering into a new phase of life where you will see things and deal with them in a completely different manner. It’s really thrilling to know that it’s your silver birthday and you will be witnessing many great things in life.

It’s been 5 years since we have been working together, which I appreciate a lot. I really feel lucky to have you as my colleague, with you all the work seems easier and less stressful. The way we do our work and complete all the targets on time without facing any problems wouldn’t have been possible without your hard work, patience and dedication. Your 3 gems which are patience, hard work, and dedication will definitely take you to the different heights of success and glory.

Your enthusiasm towards work is commendable. I really admire your cooperation as well as a discipline which helps us to work under pressure so well. In short, you are such a blessing to me at the workplace.

Lastly, once again I wish you a very Happy 25th Birthday. Hope you will have a joyful year ahead. Many blessings are on your way may you receive them very soon. Hope you will be here from your next birthday so we can celebrate it together and have an amazing dinner party with everyone. Besides, I wish to work with you in the coming years too.

My blessings are always with you and may you enjoy your life to the fullest and achieve everything you want to have in your life. May almighty bless you with the strength to deal with problems in your life. Seize the day and enjoy it.

Regards,[ mention your name]

birthday letter to colleague

Template: 2

Wishing Colleague Happy 50th Birthday Letter


Dear, [ mention the name of your colleague]

Wishing you a marvelous 50th birthday and a wonderful year ahead. The 50th Birthday is a big milestone in anyone’s life and it’s worthy of commendation. This is your big day so I hope it will be as amazing as you are.

Working with you taught me so many things which are really useful in life and for this reason I will be always grateful to you. You are an inspiration to me, I get to learn so much from you which is not less than a blessing. For me you are like my mentor and a great supporter who always shows me the right path.

It feels so good to work with an experienced colleague like you who makes the work much easier and less stressful. Your punctuality, discipline and hard work is something I want to have in my life too. My respect for you has increased by seeing the way you work and manage all the things effectively and efficiently. There are so many things that can be learned from you and having you as my colleague is a true blessing for me.

This is your golden birthday so make it a good one. May you spend the day and year doing things that you genuinely love to do and achieve great things in life. I pray to god that your next 50 years will be as great as the last were or even better than the first. May this be your favorite year so far. Hope you witness all the good things in life. Happy 50th Birthday!

Regards, [ mention your name ] 

wishing colleague happy 50th birthday letter

Template: 3

Wishing Retired Colleague 75th Birthday Letter


Dear, [ mention the name of your colleague ]

Wishing you a joyful 75th Birthday and an amazing year filled with love and good health. This birthday is your platinum celebration so make it a special one. Hope this day brings you all the happiness and love in your life and achieve whatever you want to have in your life. It’s great to know that you achieved a big milestone in your life and you made it.

It’s very exciting to know that it’s your platinum celebration. I know we haven’t met each other for a long time and it kind of gave me a sad feeling. Your absence at the workplace is very heartbreaking, everyone misses you so much. You always created a good, motivating, and enthusiastic atmosphere in the office which I really miss a lot.

Having you as my colleague has been a blessing. Your dedication towards work and team is much commendable which I really respect and miss too. Now as you are retired, you can spend time with your family and friends and have quality time with yourself too. I wish whatever comes to you may it be full of joy and peace. 

On this auspicious day may you be free and happy as you have never been ever in your entire life and I hope that this 75th birthday will be your best one. May you explore more and gain experiences, make memories with your loved ones and enjoy your 75th Birthday. 

P.S – With this letter, there is a small gift for you which will remind you of all the good old memories every time you see it. Hope you will love it.

Regards, [mention your name ]

wishing retired colleague 75th birthday letter

Template: 4

Wishing Colleague for Birthday Letter


Dear, [ mention the name of your colleague]

I am writing this letter to wish you a joyful birthday and a memorable year. We have been working together for many years and it has been a pleasure working with an amazing colleague like you.

So today it’s your birthday which is as special as you are to me. For me, you are like my friend rather than just being a colleague. From working under pressure to having small talks in between work we made many such memories together. It’s really hard to find a colleague who is more like a friend at this time and I am really grateful for this. 

I have never seen anyone as hardworking and disciplined as you are, for me you’re really a wonderful colleague and I am really blessed to have you at the workplace. For most people, the workplace is defined as something which is full of stress and tiredness but due to you, it seems completely opposite for me. 

No doubt there is so much pressure in there but with a right and cooperative companion, it seems less stressful and can be easily handled. You are such a caring and supportive person which is really very rare nowadays, you are an inspiration to me. As you are out of town right now your birthday celebration is due for now but I hope you will definitely enjoy it there with your family members, say hello to them from my side and I hope they all are doing well. I am really missing you so much right now, hope you will join the office soon. 

On this amazing day of your life, may you receive the best of everything and hope your coming year will be filled with more happy moments and blessings. Thank you for being an amazing colleague and a good friend. Hope you have a great birthday. Once again, Happy Birthday! 

Regards, [ mention your name]

wishing colleague for birthday letter

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