71+ Best Birthday Card Wishes For Mother

Mother is the only person in one’s life who is the most precious and most essential part of one’s life.

She is the person who never leaves you alone and is every there for your support. Mentioned below are some birthday card greetings for mothers, that can make them feel that how important they are in our lives.

Birthday Card Wishes For Mother

  • Mother is the priceless gem, one can ever have in life! Happy birthday life line!
  • Someone who is always special undoubtedly is, Mother! And today is her birthday that has to be special too! Happy birthday Mommiiee!!
  • You are some one for whom I can loose anything in life! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!
  • No one can ever replace you in my life! Love you Mommiiee!! and wish you  a happiest birthday 
  • Mother is a priceless possession! Her birthday too! Happiest birthday Mommiiee!!
  • Mother is priceless possession one can ever have! Happy birthday Mother!

_Mother is always a constant one in life! Happy birthday, mother!

_Mother is always matchless, and paramount! Wish you the happiest day! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!!

_ When some one asks me what do you mean by PREEMINENT? I say Mother! As she is most important! Happiest birthday to you Mommiiee!!! Wish you all the luck!

_ The way in which our mothers care for us is incomparable to any other care, done by any other person, in this world!

_ Mother’s birthday is the festival for me! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!!

_ My favorite festival is my mother’s birthday! Happiest birthday Mommiiee!!!

_ My day goes perfect, when it begins with my mother’s beautiful smile! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!!

_ In this selfish world, the only person full of generosity and affection is you Mommiiee!!, so always keep smiling! Happy birthday to you! Wish you all the luck and happiness on this day!

_ A day meant to be celebrated every year mandatorily is your birthday Mommiiee!!! Wish you the happiest birthday!

_ Mommiiee!! always keep smiling! Because its your smile that keeps me smiling! Happy birthday to you!

_ Hey Mommiiee!!! Be happy if you always want me to be happy! Happy birthday! Wish you all the happiness of this world!

_ You may have diamond, gold or platinum, but all goes worthless if you don’t have a mother! Happiest birthday Mommiiee!!!

_ My love for you is inevitable and also infinite! Happiest birthday to my life line, my Mommiiee!!!

_ Mothers are best thing in world one can ever have! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!!

_ Hey! Its time for a celebration because of its my mother’s birthday today! 

_ A body full of bountifulness and benevolence! That’s a mother! Happiest birthday Mommiiee!!, wish you all the happiness of this universe!

_ Meaning of love and affection for me is you! Love you Mommiiee!!! Wish you the happiest birthday mother!

_ My love for you can never be measured! Love you Mommiiee!!! Happiest birthday to you Mommiiee!!! 

_ Your smile makes me feel like heaven it is! Happiest birthday to my most beautiful mother! Wish you all the luck of this galaxy!

_ In this narcissistic world, the one who is my shooting star, to fulfill all my wishes, is my loveliest mother! Love you Mommiiee!!! Wish you the happiest birthday!

_ In this egoistical world, some one who only thinks of me, and only cares for me, is my best Mommiiee!!! Wish you all the happiness of this world on your birthday!

_ Mommiiee!!! You’re a blessing to me! You are my angel, sent by God to fulfill all that I ever wish of! Today it is your birthday I wish you all the luck, love and happiness!

_ My mother’s birthday is the best day for me, today, tomorrow and forever!

_ I am the luckiest person, that I have you in my life, Mommiiee!!! Love you! and wish you the happiest birthday!

_ Money doesn’t make you rich, but your mother does! Happiest birthday mother and thank you for being a part of my life!

_ The only person who supports me when I feel down, the only person who is always there for me in all and in any circumstances, is you Mommiiee!!! Happy birthday to you!

_ This day has to be special and super special because its your birthday Mommiiee!!! 

_ Happy birthday to the only lady love of my life! Happy birthday, mother!

_ My mother is the chief component of my life, I am incomplete without her! Happiest birthday to you mother!

_ Just like water, you are essential for me to survive! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!! 

_ The prime member of my life has her birthday today! Love you mother!

_ You are the primary component of my life, so when it is your birthday it has to be exclusive and extraordinary! Happy birth Mommiiee!!!

_ The bond that we share can never be with anyone else on this earth! Love you Mommiiee!!! Happy birthday to you!

_ May God bless you with all the best on this earth, this birthday! Happiest birthday mother!

_ The relationship which has no place for breakups and patch-ups is only the one which I have with my mother! Wish you a very happy birthday Mommiiee!!!

_ You deserve the best because you are the best in this whole world for me! Happy birthday to my best Mommiiee!!!

_ The best person and God’s gift to me is my mother! Happy birthday, Mommiiee!!!

_ I need no one else when you are there beside me! Love you to the moon and back Mommiiee!!! Happiest birthday to you

_ It’s your birthday Mommiiee!!! It is meant to be the most special one! Exclusively for you!

_ Mother is the only one who loves me unconditionally, and so do I. happy birthday to my prettiest lady love! My Mommiiee!!!

_ So many birthdays come and go, but only your is the most important one for me! Love you Mommiiee!! and wish you the very happy returns of this day!

_ Today, it is the birthday of my angel! My mother!

_ Hey, my angel was born today, and it goes for celebration! Happy birthday mother!

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