Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails – 8 Sample Formats

Farewells are tough and more than anything it is a mixture of emotions. You feel sad that the person is leaving and then you feel that to grow its important for people to leave. You must always say farewell to the best moment that you shared with them.

This makes bidding farewell easier. You must end a journey on the best moments that you shared with them. These are very emotional letters and hence you must choose words according to it.

Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails

Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 1

Dear “Full Name”, 

I needed to drop you a line by and by to tell you that I’ll be leaving “place name” toward the month’s end. I’m sorry to go, yet as you most likely are aware, I’ll be a beginning school in September and I need to give my examinations my full focus. 

I’ve adapted such a great amount during my time here, and you’ve been a major piece of that. I need to thank you for your mentorship and direction when I was an assistant and your help during my quest for the correct alumni program. 

It would be ideal if you stay in contact. My email address is [email protected] and my telephone number is 555-555-5555. We should get an espresso at some point during the coming semester and you can reveal to me all the reports about the best group in the business. 

Much appreciated, and best respects, 

Sender’s Name


Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 2


The updates on your choice to leave amazed every one of us. We will miss you, however, understand that energizing chances and difficulties anticipate you. It has been respected to be your partner for as long as five years. We have all profited by your mind and astuteness and wish you each accomplishment in your vocation way. 



Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 3

Hello “Full Name”

I had blended sentiments when I learned of your new mission. I surmise the familiar adage that “every single beneficial thing must reach a conclusion” is valid. Despite the fact that we will miss you, we need to concede that the administration has settled on an astute decision in putting you where they can profit most from your abilities. We will long recall the difficult work and upbeat minutes we have shared. You have been an extraordinary colleague. All the best and keep doing awesome. 



Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 4


You know bidding goodbye is the toughest thing and when it’s about your best friend things become even tougher. We have shared almost half of our lives together. I have shared all my successes and failure by having you on my side. Now that its time for us to start our careers, I know you have to move out though I wish to hold you here forever, I wish to see you flying also. I am bidding goodbye to you but then I want you to come back here as soon as possible so that we can make more and more memories.

Best regards


Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 5


Much obliged to you for your letter of April 5. I need you to realize that we are amped up for your prosperity and realize that you have endeavored to procure it. At your solicitation, I will no longer hold your position open here at our company. In any case, I might want nothing better than to have you come back to Springfield to work with us in finishing our item. It would be ideal if you keep us educated regarding your advancement. 

On an individual level, I have particularly delighted in becoming more acquainted with you. Your brilliant psyche, fine hard-working attitude, and your trustworthiness will work well for you for an amazing duration. 

Best Wishes


Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 6

Dear Recipient,

This has been a magnificent year for me. Your youngsters have shown me almost as much as I have shown them, and I have had a stunning time becoming acquainted with them and help them develop. 

Lamentably, on the date, I will leave so as to take another activity. It torments me to leave such a significant activity in the year, and I am sorry for the disturbance during this fundamental time of learning. 

We will be in contact with you in the not so distant future with subtleties of my substitution and the exercise plan for the remainder of the year. It would be ideal if you realize that your youngsters have been a delight to educate and will consistently hold an extraordinary spot in my heart. 




Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 7

All youngsters ought to grow up with guardians who love and care for them. More than anything, that is the thing that I need to accomplish for you. I need to help you practice aptitude/sport, learn an educational subject, and discover your way as a solid and enthusiastic youthful grown-up. 

Some of the time, however, God has various designs for us. Your father will assist you with those things and it will be my place to look out for you and secure you. I will be there to applaud you in your triumphs and bolster you in your wretchedness. You will be very much cherished. I will consistently be with you. 

Search for me. 


Bidding Farewell Letters and Emails Sample 8

Dear Recipient, 

I am sorry to illuminate you that this will be my last year/month/week at the Name center. I have acknowledged another situation at Name in place and will be moving there on a date. 

I needed to tell you this for a few reasons. For the most part, I’d prefer to reveal to you that it has been my incredible benefit to be your essential consideration doctor. You have been a really brilliant patient and I have appreciated becoming acquainted with you for the last number of years. Notwithstanding my own emotions on the issue, I feel it is ideal to advise you that for protection purposes you should begin investigating getting another essential consideration doctor now. In light of your case history, I have a few master and general specialists that I can suggest. I will likewise guarantee that the exchange of your records goes easily. If it’s not too much trouble let me know whether you are keen on talking about this further. 

Once more, it was a delight knowing you, and good karma with your future undertakings. 



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