Best Friend Letters that Make You Cry: 4 Templates

Letter Template: 1

Best Friend Letters that Make You Cry

To my dearest best friend,

After a long time, I am writing this letter. We have been best buddies ever since our school days, laughing, having fun, helping each other, and growing up with each other. I have had your back and you too protected me whenever I was in trouble.

We have always shared secrets with each other, even those which our parents don’t know about us. Remember the time when you played a prank on our [mention the name of the subject] teacher, Mrs. [mention the name].

Both of us didn’t use to like her in school and the time you threw a cockroach at her, was too hilarious, but then I ended up getting punished by lying that it was me who did that. Still, being suspended from school for [mention the number of days] for you is nothing. My parents still don’t know that it was you.

During college, when my parents were finally getting divorced, I was suffering from depression, and though I tried to hide it from everybody, I couldn’t hide it from you and you understood my pain. That time, the way you cared for me, I cannot forget that ever. You were there beside me, consoling me, trying to make me understand, and telling me to be a little more practical about it.

Everything was going well, until one day, [mention the name of the person] came into our life. We used to share every secret with each other, but we kept or her a deep secret in our lives. While you fell in love with him or her, I too started liking him or him. However, when he or she chose me over you, it destroyed our friendship forever.

 I knew that things would never be the same and ever since that day, I have been trying to talk to you, but you went to [mention the name of the place] after that and never replied to any of my letters. I too stopped writing after some time, giving you time to forget things.

Now that you have returned, I hope you will forgive me and we will again be friends like once we were.

Love you always,

[Mention a nickname]

Best Friend Letters that Make You Cry

Letter Template: 2

Long Best Friend Letters that Make You Cry

My dear [mention the name of your best friend],

I don’t know what to say to you and how to begin it. You are my best buddy and I have never hesitated to say anything to you, and yet, today, I am at a loss of words. Still, I have to break this news to you that soon I will be leaving for [mention the name of the place].

 The position of a [mention the name] for which I have been trying ever since the last [mention the number] of years in [mention the name of the corporation or organization or institution], I got a call yesterday and I would have to leave soon.

I know that you are against it and I have tried explaining it to you a [mention the number] of times that I will be all okay, and it’s just a matter of [mention the number of years], and then I will settle down here, close to you, forever. I can understand your fear; I know that you will miss me a lot, since we have always been with each other, right from the day we were born. Our families are close too. 

It is a golden opportunity for me and if I lose this chance then I will forever regret it. Not many people are able to serve [mention the name of the corporation or organization or institution] and I too was able to get in here after such a long time. 

You know me, I can’t live an ordinary life, I have big ambitions and I want to give my mother everything that my father was unable to. You have seen how me my mother and my siblings live. I have promised myself that I will be giving them a good life and I will.

I need you now and I want you to understand me, and support me. I will be back before you even realize it. Don’t be mad at me please, [mention a nickname]. You have been there with me every time I needed you, I know that you will understand and respect my decision and my choice, this time as well.

Let’s meet over a cup of coffee at our favorite cafe tomorrow and talk in person.

I will be waiting for you and I know that you will come.

Yours [mention a name by which he or she calls you]

Long Best Friend Letters that Make You Cry

Letter Template: 3

An Emotional Best Friend Letter

To my dearest bestie,

How are you doing? I have been waiting for your arrival, back to [mention the name of the place] ever since [mention the year]. On [mention the year], you went away for further studies and were supposed to be back in [mention the year], but you didn’t.

We have been close to each other, playing, laughing, growing up, and taking care of each other, not just during our school days, but in college days as well. We have always done almost everything together, and we understood each other better than siblings do. 

You used to call me [mention the nickname] and I used to get so annoyed, but secretly I liked it. I don’t know when the distance of miles started being a distance of hearts and you after some time, stopped writing to me, calling me. You didn’t pick up my calls either.

I can understand that there must have been some issues or you must have been busy all this while but at least you can receive my call and tell me that you are fine. I have waited for you for a long time and I will continue doing that. I won’t stop writing to you, not until the time that you come back to see me. 

I have some news for you. Guess what? I am soon going to get married, i.e. by the end of this year. The wedding preparations are in full swing and I am so nervous. [Mention the name of the person] is a nice guy or girl but you know me, I am so scared, I don’t know what will I be doing, how will I handle it all, my job, my marriage. I haven’t even shared this with my parents, but I still like to share things with you as I used to before.

Don’t make me wait any longer. I want you to be here with me. I need your support. You were always the one who could see right through me, even when I tried to lie or hide. I know you will come.

Yours [mention a nickname]

An Emotional Best Friend Letter

Letter Template: 4

A Touching Best Friend Letter

My dearest [mention a nickname],

I know things aren’t the same between us, but still, I am writing this letter to you in the hope that you will write back to me someday. For [mention the number] long years, we had been besties. There was nothing about me that you didn’t know and there was nothing about you that I didn’t. 

We have been more than just best friends; we have been like siblings to each other, playing pranks, laughing and crying together, facing problems, finding solutions, and fighting together in life.

I hate that day when you thought that it was because of me, your chance to become the [mention the title] of the year got snatched. How can you think like that? I know what that title means to you. I have seen you growing up with that one dream to become [mention the title]. Your personal sentiments and deep emotions are connected to that and you really thought that I can play such a sly game to snatch it away from you. Can I ever do something like that to you out of all the people?

I was deeply hurt that day, but I still tried to make you understand, talk to you, and give you explanations. I even came to see you multiple times but couldn’t reach you. You simply refused to be in touch with me. You changed your number and I couldn’t call as well. 

I still write letters to you, just in the hope that we would again be together someday. I really miss you a lot and I give you more important than I would give to my ego or even my self-respect.

I know that you read my letters, and you know how stubborn I am. I will continue writing to you, till the time you write back or talk to me.

Yours [mention a nickname]

A Touching Best Friend Letter

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