A Speech on “What Is the Best Age to Own a Mobile Phone?”

Hello and welcome to everyone, It is indeed wonderful to see the lecture room to be filled with energetic students in high spirits. Let us start the talk with the same energy as we discuss about What is the best age to own a mobile phone? The right to give a kid their first phone definitely depends on their maturity level and the way they handle things. With the increasing technology and advancement in science it is the parent’s responsibility to keep  reasonable boundaries around technology.owning a mobile phone has become more a fashion than a need.Before getting into the bottom line of the subject let us get to know what are the question a parent needs to ask before taking a decision.

Let us first see what all can be the outcomes of children using a phone. A cell phone with the facility to the internet , allows one to access everything and anything like messaging, sending pictures, unlimited calls, not just entertainment  it can also be helpful to grow one’s knowledge  if used in a proper way. There are a number of cases where social media and other websites have changed a teenager’s life drastically. It is important for every parent to make a decision keeping all the things their child is subjected to just by owning their very own mobile phone. Also as they cannot be monitored throughout the day and throughout the year, it is better to think carefully twice or thrice before taking the big decision.

The right age where a child can own his own mobile phone could be in his\her high s school that can be between 15 to 18 years, at this age the child earns maturity and will be responsible and sensible enough to understand its downside if misused. On the other side it would be great if  children are not adapted to  the high technological devices including mobiles at a very young age until and unless it’s highly necessary. Let’s take an example, a child in elementary school does not require a phone, as  in case of emergency they can be always reached through the school teacher or principal, Incase the child is attending extra courses after school hours like badminton, swimming or dance class. He can be provided with a mobile phone with just calling and messaging options just to keep track of their location and to reach out for help during times of emergencies.

 As we have come to the end of the presentation, I would like to conclude by stressing on key points which should be takeaway from today’s speech. As we all know that mobile phones bring us various benefits, it  also comes with a downside which cannot be ignored.. While this world is becoming highly competitive it is understandable that a child needs access to technology in one way or the other, in such cases as we cannot avoid parents must impose certain rules before getting them mobiles.

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