65+ Best Barge Puns and Funny Quotes

A barge is considered to be a flat-bottomed shoal-draft boat which has been constructed primarily for canal and river transport of bulk items. Although they were originally towed using draft horses, at present barges are usually self-propelled. Here, we have mentioned some barge puns that should provoke your interest. 

Barge Puns and Funny Quotes

  • A barge which was carrying veggies ends up sinking in a harbor.

According to the disaster report, the boat came with lots of leeks. 

  • How will Christopher Columbus day be celebrated by you?

By barging into the home of your neighbor and claiming it as mine.

  • A couple of sheep barge into the shop of a barber.

They said that they are not going to go woolenly!

_For what reasons do the scuba divers fall out of the barge in the backward direction?

Because they are still going to be in the barge in case they fell forwards.

_A British boat is close to a German port and calls on the radio for assistance by informing that they were going to sink.

The Germans replied by asking what were they sinking about.

_Where did the sick barges go?

To the dock!

_Just in case you were contemplating of purchasing a barge.

I hear that they have got a sail on.

_I was wanted by my buddies to pull my barge up to the dock.

However, I never surrender to pier pressure.

_There are 3 people on a barge with 4 cigarettes but they did not have anything to light those with.

Therefore, they threw off 1 cigarette from the barge so as to make it 1 cigarette lighter. 

_Why was Noah not able to see the animals after leading them on to his barge?

It has become d’ark.

_Although a couple of sailors on a barge desired to smoke, they were not able to find their lighters. 

Therefore, they tried to make the barge 1 cigarette lighter by throwing a cigarette overboard.

_In case the barge turns upside down while sailing, you will be able to put it on your head.

Because it has been capsized.

_What is a potato and a penis on a barge called?


_Have you heard of the person constructing model barges in the attic?

Sails have been going right through the roof.

_What had been the favorite barge of Hitler?


_A barge was constructed by Hitler in pixelated blocks and it was named Mein Kraft by him.

_I have come to know that your dad had been run over by a barge in Venice. 

My gondolences.

_An office had been opened by a dentist on a barge. The name of the barge was the “Tooth Ferry”.

_How can you differentiate a barge from a woman?

There is a possibility that a barge is going to go down on me.

_I has been sailing the barge when a huge hand rose from the water and vanished slowly.

I thought that it had been the largest wave ever seen by me.

_How’s sex on a barge like Budweiser?

Both of them are fucking close to the water.

_How can you differentiate a “hole in a barge” from a “hole in a toilet stall”?

While one of them happens to be a “Man, that sucks” scenario, the other happens to be a “Sucks that man” scenario.

_My grandmother was of the notion that shifting to a house barge will help to solve all her financial issues.

She is residing in denial.

_For what reason do barges which are one inch across fail at all times?

Since they happen to be cap-sized.

What causes some barges to turn into party barges?

Pier pressure.

_Last year, several individuals had been run over by a speeding barge, and I had been quite fortunate to survive. 

All I received was the ear of some swimmer. 

_For what reason was the sail barge such an asshole to all the other lads?

It came with a compact deck.

_What type of barge has got candy at the center?

A pinYACHTa.

_What was told by the bartender when a drink was ordered by the barge?

I will not be able to serve you since you are ship-faced already.

_What type of barges transports potatoes having the shape of a penis?


_What are you going to call a barge that has just got a baby dinghy?


_I am aware of a great dock in case your barge falls sick. 

It has been pier-reviewed.

_Which medicine kites at the rear part of your barge?


_After purchasing a new sail for the barge of mine, I was told by Amazon that it was too late to cancel the order.

That sail has been shipped.

_In case Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton happen to be on a barge and it eventually capsizes, who is going to survive?


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