80+ Funny Balloon Puns and Beautiful Quotes

Balloons remind us of a scene where individuals are having lots of fun and enjoyment with plenty of colors and happiness. Here we have presented some funny and interesting balloon puns which you must take into consideration.

Funny Balloon Puns

  • A helium balloon having the shape of Albert Einstein will be called a stable genius.
  • A clown is in the habit of going to the parties and prepare all types of balloons. 
  • The job done by him should be considered a blow-job.
  • A hot air balloon was hired by my friend on his wedding. Although he was quoted 200, he had to pay 400 which, according to them, had been because of inflation.
  • The difference between a condom and a balloon is that while one of them grows up, the other blows up.
balloon puns
  • The cost of the balloons went up because of inflation.
  • The philosophers in the hot air balloons think of us highly.
  • When you organize a party, you need to pay a high price for the balloons due to inflation.
  • The needle told the balloon that he had been the king of pop.
  • What type of music makes the balloons scared?
  • Pop music.
  • Balloons do have a bad temper since they can blow up any moment.
  • Elsa must not be given a balloon since she will simply let it go.
  • The cost of the balloons has not become high during the last few years.
  • This is surprising when taking into consideration the inflation.
  • So my cousin simply desired to know…
  • Did you listen to the joke of the balloon which met the cactusssssh?
  • Since I have observed the hot air balloons early in the morning, I think that they are early risers.
  • My weiner got caught in the DVD hole of the Pixar film with the balloons and the old man. 
  • It will be a sensible idea to keep all your cash away from the balloons since it might be influenced by inflation.
  • Even though my buddy took the decision to propose to his online sweetheart using balloons, he met her in person for the very first time. 
  • He popped the query immediately. 
  • A man is selling a balloon on eBay after purchasing it a long while ago. Now, the first thing done by him will be to adjust the cost for inflation. 
  • I am outraged at the helium balloon prices. 

Beautiful Balloon Quotes

  • Bloody inflation.
  • The price of the balloons had gone up.
  • Damn inflation.
  • balloons do not do much drugs since they are of the notion that they will become busted in case they become too high.
  • A man had been detained last day for the charge of mimicking a helium balloon. 
  • According to a police spokesman, he was held for some time and then they allowed him to go.
  • A balloon animal prepared from a condom will be called a Trojan horse.
  • Clowns are not able to buy balloons anymore because the prices of the balloons are increasing because of inflation.
  • In case I purchased a balloon for $1, for mush money should I sell it after adjusting for the inflation?
  • What will you call someone’s relative who met his demise in an air balloon crash?
  • My Gondolences.
  • Balloons never do drugs since they scared of becoming high and also getting busted.
  • I never make jokes regarding balloons since they might get carried away.
  • A crazy balloon will be called a balloonatic.
  • The type of music hated by the balloons happens to be pop music.
  • What was told by the scientist after popping a couple of helium balloons?
  • He He.
  • Balloons are scared of pop music.
  • When I go to any balloon store, they tell me that the balloons will be flying away and I am quite tired of hearing that. 
  • I simply want a regular balloon without any string attached.
  • The balloon went close to the needle because he desired to become a pop star.
  • What was told by the helium to the balloon?
  • Lighten up.
  • Have you heard of the balloon party?
  • Even though they wished Britney to perform, they were scared of pop music.
  • My buddy has been appointed by a balloon company. He has got a blowjob. 

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