Authorization Letter to Claim Money: 2 Templates

 With this letter template, you can conveniently inform that you are authorizing the candidate to access money on your behalf from the bank. You must provide information in concerning to claiming the money.

You should provide the details of the candidate who will be acting as the bearer. You can also clarify why you actually cannot claim the money at this moment. It is important to describe the authorization details. The letter must be written at the reader’s convenience.

Template: 1

Authorization Letter to Claiming Money

[Your Name]

[Your Address]

[Your contact information]


[Recipient Name]

[Recipient Address]

[Recipient contact information]

Re: Letter of Authorization for Claiming Money

Dear [Recipient Name],

I am writing to inform your company [Company name, address and address] that I authorize the bearer of this letter named, [BEARER’S NAME] to claim my back-pay since I cannot get it in person because [REASON e.g. I am out of town].

[BEARER’S NAME] will provide her two valid IDs for identification and on my behalf please allow him/her to sign any documents required for the transaction.

To support my claim, I have appended two valid IDs of bearer:

  • [company id]
  • [passport id]

Hope for your kind consideration regarding this matter. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, here is my contact number [Mention your contact no] or drop a line at [Mention your mail id].

Thank you very much.


[Hand written signature]


[Notary or witness if required]

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