75+ Best Army Puns and Funny Quotes

The main role of the army is to serve the people, safeguard national interests, and also satisfy the military responsibilities of the nation. The army helps to protect the country from any type of external danger and here we have highlighted some interesting army puns for you.

Army Puns and Funny Quotes

  • When I joined I had been an artist. The RSM told me not to join since I went on drawing fire.
  • Have you been promotion from captain to a better rank? I bet that significant day!
  • My infant was sent off by me to the Army. He was put in the infantry by them.
  • The person that survived pepper spray and mustard gas is a seasoned veteran at present.

_never be offended in case a cavalry official does not tell tanks!

_I had been in the army quite a while ago. Chieftain was not a tank but a rank. 

_How can you differentiate a puppy from a soldier?

A puppy is going to stop whining in case you put it in a room for one hour.

_What is said by a military owl?


_What is a list of E-4s called in the army?


_What does a soldier use for writing?

A weapen.

_Have you heard of the soldier that turned into a loan shark?

Skipped down after lending out all his cash.

_What is said by a soldier when he forgets something?

All shoot!

_For what reason was the dynamite put by the soldier in the trunk?

In case he would require blowing up his tires.

_What is said by a soldier before starting dancing?

Battle buddy! Do not forget to cover me when I move!

_In what way do soldiers remove bugs?

Using Raid.

_What is a fly in the head of a soldier called?

Space invader.

_What will be 16 soldiers standing around a beer peg in a room called?

Dope ring.

_What plant grows in the garden of a soldier?


_How does a soldier manage to freshen his breath?

Using a tic attack.

_What is a soldier’s camera called?


_How are the eyes of a soldier going to be lit up?

By glowing a flashlight in the ear.

_What will you tell in case a soldier offers you something?

Tank you.

_What are you going to say in case an enemy soldier offers you something?

Flank you.

_How is a soldier going to tell goodbye?


_What military branch is fond of horses?

The Nay-vy.

_What are you going to call once a soldier leaves to go for playing a game?

A deplayment.

_What are you going to call a soldier who makes you remain with them?

Company commander.

_Why was the hole cut in the carpet by the soldier?

For seeing a floor show.

_Have you heard of the soldier that had been to a mind reader?

There had been no charge.

_For what reason do the lunchboxes of the soldiers come with clear lids?

Such that they are able to say whether it is morning or afternoon.

_For what reason do soldiers not consume pickles?

Because they are not able to put their head in the pickle jar.

_What does an army member go through when they feel bored?

A magazine.

_What is a gun which has been loaded with ammo called?


_What is a soldier that scores good marks in an IQ examination called?

A cheat.

_What form is possessed by all the military members?


_How is it feasible to tell whether a soldier was able to make the chocolate chip cookies?

There will be   M&Ms shells on the ground.

_How can you differentiate a catfish from a soldier?

While one of them happens to be a fish, the other happens to be a scum sucking bottom inhabitant. 

_What do soldiers love watching?


_What is a plan which stinks in the army called?


_What place requires to be cleaned up on a military base?

The Mess hall.

_For what reason are the Soldiers buried 20 feet deep after their demise?

Since they happen to be quite good people deep down.

_What do soldiers prefer listening to?

Ruck and Roll!

_What is a soldier practicing birth control called?

A humanitarian.

_For what reason do soldiers make fantastic astronauts?

They consume space in school.

_What is a fake hole called?

A faux hole.

_What particular branch of the army permits baby soldiers?


_Who makes a good use of toilets?

The lootenant.

_Who happen to be the greatest soldiers?

The Majors.

_What do you call when something is saved by a soldier?


_What is a baby porn called on an army plane?


_What are you going to say when an unknown Ranger tries to speak to you?

Ranger Danger.

_What is a soldier that takes care of animals called?

A vet.

_Where do rabbits receive training for flying?

Hare force.  

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